TERAFLEX® SUPER FLEX 1001 is a multifunctional elastic adhesive-sealant 3 in 1 on the base of hybrid polymer with high efficiency. It provides a continuous, healthy and flexible connection with different construction materials and surfaces such as: plastics, glass, fiberglass, metal, wood, concrete, stone, ceramics, chipboard and others. It adheres, seals and fills equally well to dry and wet surfaces in indoors and outdoors.

It is designed for bonding and sealing of containers, tanks, silos, installation of floors and window sills, for connection, expansion and decorative joints, sealing of air carrying tubes and vacuum systems, roof repairs, bonding of PVC panels, filling cracks and etc.

Due to its high initial strength and excellent physical and mechanical properties, which it has, TERAFLEX® SUPER FLEX 1001 successfully replaces the use of acrylic, silicone and PU sealants. It is distinguished by its greater elasticity, adhesion and resistance to weather conditions. It can be applied even on wet surfaces (without forming bumps and bubbles). It does not shrink and crack during operations.

TERAFLEX® SUPER FLEX 1001 is chemically neutral and environmentally friendly product. It does not contain isocyanides and solvents. It is resistant to mold, sea water, chlorine, Ус UV rays, aging and temperature fluctuations from -40°C to +80°C. It dries quickly and without sagging when applied in vertical joints. After drying it can be painted with paints and varnishes on epoxy-, polyurethane- and water- base.