StyroDesign is a leading manufacturer of architectural HDPS, PU, EPS and XPS profiles and decoration elements for interiors and facades and an authorised representative of Gaudi Décor for Bulgaria and for the Balkan Peninsula.

The facade and interior decoration offered by StyroDesign is a continuation of the best traditions in architecture in their modern version.

Using of decorative ornamentation is typical for the styles of classical architecture. The creation of new technological materials like polystyrene and polyurethane made it possible to implement new artistic ideas on facades and in interiors with an ease and at a rate that were previously unusual.

Wood imitating facade and interior cladding and beams made of contemporary materials can delight people who have a taste for original architecture.


The ornamental elements produced by StyroDesign include several categories differentiated according to the materials used for the production and according to their applications.

Façade and interior polystyrene decoration made by catalogue or custom made according to an individual project is the main category offered by the company. This type of decoration belongs to the category of the so called lightweight décor and can be used both with old and with new buildings regardless of their type: built of bricks, of concrete or prefabricated;

Interior and facade polyurethane decoration by catalogue is the second main category produced by the company. Like the polystyrene products this decoration also belongs to the lightweight décor and can be fitted in any type of new and old buildings;
– Decoration made of various materials (high performance polymer concrete, polyurethane and silicone casts, etc.) only custom ordered according to an individual project;
Imitation of wood and wood elements (made of polystyrene or polyurethane) by catalogue or custom ordered;
– Spa & Wellness elements by catalogue or custom ordered according to an individual project;
In the website of StyroDesign you can choose from the entire range of decoration for your home and for your project! The catalogues available at your disposal include over 5000 different models of decoration elements. Production of architectural elements of different materials is also possible according to an individual project and by custom order.

StyroDesign offers the entire set of system services necessary for the implementation of projects of various degree of complexity.

– Developing of a design project for a facade or an interior;
– Selection of the best combination of materials;
– Production of the project components, delivery of the decoration elements and the accessories necessary for their fitting;
– Carrying out the fitting works.

Working with us you are guaranteed to have a partnership with a contractor responsible for all stages of the project implementation for creating the unique image of your home!

Our main goal is to make your home beautiful!

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