Scanning of facades and interiors when preparing a project or restoration of buildings

Comprehensive service for scanning facades and interiors in projects for restoration of emblematic buildings and buildings-monuments of culture. The StyroDesign team can take over the overall implementation of the project - from the initial scanning of the facade, through the development of software models for architectural details, to the delivery of the facade elements of the site.

Projects for restoration or renovation of facades and interiors include a number of steps, including preparing a project plan, scanning the facade or individual objects in the interior, preparing matrices for the production of various details, fabrication and delivery of the site, installation, etc. . This usually requires the intervention of a number of specialists, including architects, designers, designers, manufacturers and suppliers of architectural elements, installers, etc. This makes project planning and implementation a complex and challenging task.

To make it easier for you, StyroDesign offers a complete service for scanning facades and interiors, taking over every stage - from the beginning to the end of the project. Thus, instead of looking for different specialists, paying each one individually and further complicating the project, you can trust our many years of experience in Bulgaria and Europe.

Complete service for scanning facades and interiors - from the initial design to the delivery of details

What is special about the projects for the restoration of facades and interiors is that they are created unique and must be restored in the same way. There are no ready-made solutions for them, on the contrary - they require an individual approach with personalized production of each element for the most accurate reproduction of even the smallest details.

For this purpose, you can trust our specialized service, covering everything from the initial planning of the project to the production and the last detail. The process takes place in several main steps:

1. On-site scanning of the facade or site by a StyroDesign team

For this purpose, our team comes directly to your site with specialized equipment and performs a comprehensive detailed scan of the building. In this way we collect data about the features of each detail in the facade and interior, so that we can recreate it as accurately as possible later.

2. Preparation of a software model of each of the architectural details

Subsequently, we deal with the preparation of software models of the details needed to accurately recreate the authentic appearance of the facade or interior. Once all software models are ready, they are sent for final approval by the customer.

As soon as we receive approval, we move on to the preparation for the production of architectural details unique to the specific site.

3. Production of architectural details by milling or casting according to the nature of the element and the selected material 

Once we have obtained all the necessary information and we have your approval, we start preparing the necessary matrices and castings for the production of each element so that it is 1: 1 with the original version.

The details are made by milling or casting according to the characteristics of the material used (EPS, concrete, polymers, resins, etc.).

4. Delivery of the details of the site and provision of a detailed assembly plan with blanks for installation (if necessary)

After the production of the details, we deal with their transport and delivery to the site. Along with the details, we also provide a detailed installation plan, containing everything you need to ensure the secure fixing of the elements. To facilitate the whole process we can provide the necessary blanks for installation of profiles on the facade and interior.

If necessary, we can recommend assembly groups operating in the specific region to help finalize the project.

Scanning of facades and interiors - for comfortable execution of your project

Thanks to the overall service we can recreate the emblematic facade or the features of the interior to the smallest detail and restore their original, authentic vision. In this way we save the efforts of our customers by dealing entirely with the implementation of the project - from its initial planning to delivery and the last detail.

To meet the goals of your project, we offer the opportunity to produce customized solutions tailored to your individual characteristics and budget. We also work on an individual assignment according to the drawing of the architect or investor.

The variety of modern technological and production practices, combined with our many years of experience and know-how in facade and interior design make us the perfect partner for your project - from the planning stage to its implementation.

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