Complete restoration of cultural monuments with facade and interior profiles

Learn more about StyroDesign's complete restoration service for cultural buildings with façade and interior profiles. From the initial scanning of the facade and analysis of the site, through production, to the delivery of profiles and finalization of the project - learn how we helped a number of buildings in Bulgaria and Europe to restore their authentic appearance.

The process of restoration of buildings-monuments of culture is a complex and responsible task, but at the same time it is the way to preserve the cultural heritage and beauty bequeathed to us by past generations. And the central parts of most of the cities in Bulgaria are dotted with this. The facades of the buildings are an example of inspiring architectural mastery, combining the beauties of many eras.

Our task today is not only to enjoy the beautiful shapes and reliefs of the buildings and the details in the interiors, but to renew and ennoble them so as to preserve and breathe new life into them.

The beauty of the architecture and the buildings-monuments of culture in Bulgaria

An overview of our architectural heritage can not but begin with Ruse - the city known as "Little Vienna". The unique appearance of the city was the first to intertwine traces of various established styles in European architecture, as early as the 19th century. The central part and the emblematic buildings of Ruse are designed by local and foreign architects and are dotted with ornaments in styles such as neoclassicism and elements of Art Nouveau, Baroque, Renaissance, Gothic and Empire. The idea behind these concepts, which are pleasing to our eyes to this day, is the most accurate reproduction of the feeling and influence of cities such as Vienna, Budapest, Venice and Bucharest. Such rich decoration is found in a number of buildings on the territory of Ruse and the recognized cultural monuments are 267.

Leaving the borders of Ruse and looking at the country, it can be noted that there are few cities that could not boast of beautiful and iconic buildings, made according to the peculiarities of some of the listed styles. These are usually the key administrative or public buildings for cities, such as court buildings, the post office, as well as community centers, libraries, schools and more.

More important, however, is the effect that these emblematic architectural trends have on the overall architecture in the country. Influenced by the beauty of neoclassical styles, a number of private homes and residential buildings shine with beautiful details and ornaments on facades and interiors.

Even today, the plans of a number of new buildings are abandoning the colorful and modern radiance to return to aristocracy and the unique radiance of architectural classics.

The need to restore the buildings-monuments of culture

For decades, cultural monuments and the facades of iconic buildings have delighted tens or hundreds of thousands of passers-by. In this respect, we can say that they have taken care of us for many years. But at some point it is our turn to take care of them.

Unfortunately, there is no city in Bulgaria that can boast of a perfect policy regarding the preservation of its cultural monuments. It is becoming more and more common for buildings with a long history to be in poor condition today and with crumbling facades.

The reasons for this are many, but their main one is time. Most of the cultural buildings are more than 100 years old. The first Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings in Ruse, for example, were built in the 80s. No matter how well a facade is built, from a purely constructive point of view it is normal that it cannot withstand such a long period of operation without the periodic need for restoration.

Aggressive weather conditions and their seasonal recurrence wear out the facade and its elements over time. If, as a result of traffic, the load on the building and the seismic activity in the region, cracks are formed in it, its demolition is further accelerated.

This is how the need for restoration of the emblematic facades arises. Although this process is often perceived as complex and complex, in fact this is far from the case. The beauty of the facade, built over 100 years ago, can be restored perfectly today, even just by a photo.

The advantages of modern production technologies in the restoration of cultural monuments

If you ask yourself what actually makes a facade emblematic and recognizable, the answer is always the same - the details and ornaments on it. Frames around windows and doors, beautiful railings and supports, niches and figures - these and many other seemingly small elements, actually change so much.

Characteristic of the architectural profiles and ornaments in the classical construction of the 19th century is that they were made of traditional materials such as plaster, marble or concrete. From the point of view of the development of technology today, these traditional methods of production are already considered to be carriers of a number of shortcomings. Including. include the significant weight of individual parts and the pressure they exert on the facade, their more difficult maintenance, complex and expensive workmanship, labor-intensive installation, etc.

It is here that the most serious challenges in the restoration of cultural monuments arise, namely - planning and recreating the details in the general architectural plan.

However, thanks to the development of technologists, today we have on the market sustainable, beautiful and light modern materials that allow the most accurate reproduction of the effect of traditional massive ornaments, but without their shortcomings.

StyroDesign's portfolio of facade design solutions includes an unlimited range of solutions, a combination of various modern technologies and materials, allowing reliable and cost-effective restoration of the facades of our iconic buildings.

The main advantages of modern architectural details over traditional ones are the following:

  • Low weight, not loading the base
  • Strength and long-term reliability
  • Easy and affordable installation
  • Resistance to aging
  • Possibility for easy painting
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Unlimited design possibilities
  • Affordable price
  • They do not absorb moisture and are not susceptible to discoloration and staining


With the help of StyroDesign facade profiles, the main challenge in the restoration of cultural buildings and iconic buildings is overcome, namely - perfectly accurate reproduction of their vision to the last detail.

Comprehensive service for restoration of buildings-monuments of culture with facade and interior profiles from EPS и PU

For over 10 years, the StyroDesign team has specialized in offering solutions for decorating and restoring cultural buildings. Today we intertwine a number of technologies and modern production materials to offer a variety of thousands of details.

What is special about the projects for the restoration of facades and interiors is that they are created unique and must be restored in the same way. There are no ready-made solutions for them, on the contrary - they require an individual approach with personalized production of each element for the most accurate reproduction of even the smallest details. As the emblematic facades differ from the detail of their elements and individual figures, we offer the possibility of making all kinds of 3D shapes and reliefs according to the plans of the architect and the general plan of the building. Including. all kinds of capitals, coats of arms, medallions, ornaments, statues and figures are included. All we need for this purpose is a sketch of the desired detail. If you are not able to provide one, you can leave this task to our specialists, who will visit the site and scan the facade and every element of it.

Scanning of facades and objects in the interior

In order to start a process of restoration of facades and interiors, everything starts from the initial planning of the project. In most cases, this task is entrusted to architects or is performed directly by the investor. However, if you prefer to entrust the entire project to one contractor, you can take advantage of our specialized service, covering everything from the initial planning of the project to the production and the last detail.

The service takes place in several basic steps. They include:

1. On-site scanning of the facade or site by a StyroDesign team

For this purpose, our team comes to the site with specialized equipment and performs a comprehensive detailed scan of the building. In this way we collect data about the features of each detail in the facade and interior, so that we can recreate it as accurately as possible later.

2. Preparation of a software model of each of the architectural details

Subsequently, we deal with the preparation of software models of the details needed to accurately recreate the authentic appearance of the facade or interior. Once all models are ready, they are sent for final approval by the customer.

3. Production of architectural details by milling or casting according to the nature of the element and the selected material 

Once we have obtained all the necessary information and we have your approval, we start preparing the necessary matrices and castings for the production of each element so that it is 1: 1 with the original version. The details are made by milling or casting according to the characteristics of the material used (EPS, concrete, polymers, resins, etc.).

4. Provision of a detailed assembly plan with mounting blanks (if required)

After the production of the details, we deal with their transport and delivery to the site. Along with the details, we also provide a detailed installation plan, containing everything you need to ensure the secure fixing of the elements. To facilitate the whole process we can provide the necessary blanks for installation of profiles on the facade and interior.

Thus, thanks to our overall service we can recreate the iconic facade or interior features to the smallest detail and restore their original, authentic vision. In this way we save the efforts of our customers by dealing entirely with the implementation of the project - from its initial planning to delivery and the last detail.

Finished architectural profiles for restoration of facades

Along with the personalized implementation of projects, we also offer a wide range of ready-made solutions with facade profiles and ornaments.

The catalog range of details is divided into two main categories. The first includes facade profiles from EPS and covers a variety of solutions in the following, but also a number of other areas:


The second main product line covers many different PU facade profiles, including:


To help you choose the right concept, we also offer ready-made solutionsinvolving a combination of different elements. So you can draw inspiration from facade profiles, carefully selected and combined to perform various functions in the general plan of the facade, including shaping its corners and the connection between the individual sides, decorating the openings and approaches to them, shaping the connection to the roof , the visual division of the individual levels and lines in the facade, etc.

Along with the facade profiles from PU and EPS, we also offer the production of facade profiles, figures and decorative elements from both milled and a variety of other materials, including polymer resins, gypsum, wood, concrete and more.

Thus, we remove all restrictions on the renovation of cultural monuments, providing comprehensive and diverse solutions according to the individual needs and budget of each project.

Ready-made architectural profiles for interior restoration

Most of the interiors of old buildings have common features - high ceilings, artful decoration, focus on the smallest details, etc. For example, linear profiles, niches, sills, various geometric shapes, etc. are often present in the walls. For ceilings, cornices and rosettes are an invariable accent.

Over time, however, under the influence of the loads in the building and its surroundings and the vibrations in the surfaces created as a result, they lead to a gradual weakening, cracking and even complete destruction of the details.

Fortunately, restoring the look of the interior is now an easy and hassle-free task, suitable even for beginners. StyroDesign's range of interior solutions covers three distinct areas:


The elements are characterized by their lightweight structure and low weight, thanks to which they do not burden the surfaces in the interior. They can be decorated in a variety of colors to suit the specifics of each concept.

The profiles are covered with special protective polymer coatings, which makes them strong and resistant to pressure, abrasion and discoloration.

The installation they are fast, easy and hassle-free, just with the help of mounting glue. All you need for this purpose is the foundation to be strong, flat and structurally stable. Thus, the process of restoring the interior can be performed quickly and without wasting time and effort.

Variety of successful projects for restoration of cultural monuments in Bulgaria and Europe

Over the years, StyroDesign's solutions have been used to restore a number of cultural buildings in the country. Including. includes private residential buildings, schools and public buildings.

The following images show one of our projects for scanning a facade before its restoration of a cultural monument building in the city of Varna.


Scanned on facade before restoration

Scanned on facade before restoration

In addition, the StyroDesign team was tasked with decorating one of the largest shopping mall projects in Finland. The aim was to build a gated complex with shops and commercial premises located in buildings with traditional architecture and iconic facades.

Working with almost the entire range of modern and traditional materials for the production of facade decoration and decoration, we offer our customers and partners everything you need for the restoration and construction of impressive and distinctive facades. and we know how to combine them to achieve the best result.

The variety of modern technological and production practices, combined with our many years of experience and know-how in facade and interior design make us the perfect partner for your project - from the planning stage to its implementation.

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