Raster Suspended Ceilings

A variety of raster suspended ceilings for decorating interiors in private and public spaces such as offices, shopping centers, hospitals, schools, hotel areas, etc. The ceilings are distinguished by their unique design with the possibility of personalization, as well as significant functionality and operational reliability. Combined with the right lighting, our raster suspended ceilings can give any room an individual and memorable look.

True to the mission of offering you the most innovative and functional solutions for interior design, we have expanded our product portfolio with a wide range of raster suspended ceilings and accessories. Thus, with us you can now find lamellar and grid suspended ceilings, metal panels, acoustic panels and special LED lighting for them.

The range offers a wide range of solutions for the interior design purposes of any project, including:

  • Residential and private construction - for projects for the interior layout of lobbies, common areas, as well as rooms in private homes
  • Public areas - design of offices, commercial areas, restaurants, hotel parts, premises in public buildings, etc.

The series of raster suspended ceilings also offers a number of advantages, among which:

  • A beautiful vision - the details in the series completely transform the idea of ​​the traditional suspended ceiling, giving the opportunity to achieve a unique vision in the premises
  • Functionality – suspended ceilings allow hiding any communications, air ducts or other elements, while acoustic panels can insulate heat and be used also as wall panels, sound-absorbing and acoustic partitions and other design solutions
  • A variety of design options - the details can be made with the texture of wood, metal, stone, as well as decorated in any RAL color
  • Long lasting durability - the solutions are manufactured from durable and strong materials, guaranteeing their long-term operational reliability
  • Easy installation – we offer a full range of accessories for mounting the details, which in combination with our detailed installation instructions, make the process a hassle-free task
  • Low weight – the construction is maximally light, thanks to which the load on the base is minimized
  • Hassle-free support – the details allow easy disassembly and cleaning, in case of need
Lattice suspended ceiling


Lamellar suspended ceilings

This type of ceiling provides unlimited design possibilities. With them, you can freely experiment with various parameters, including height, width, length, color, etc. For example, the details can be painted in any color according to the RAL scale, as well as made with the texture of wood, metal and stone.

They are easily installed using two types of rails (cubic and linear) according to the requirements of the project and are non-combustible. They come into use both in commercial and public areas, as well as in private homes, in rooms with a high level of humidity, outdoors, etc.


Lattice raster suspended ceilings

This type of suspended ceilings are open to give depth and relief to the rooms, but at the same time perfectly conceal any communications, cables and installations. The variety of models - classic, pyramid and cassette, as well as the possibility of decoration in any RAL color - make the range a suitable solution for any type of project. And for those who want something special, we offer the lattice suspended ceilings with wood, metal or stone texture.

They are completely non-combustible and easy to install, and their maintenance is hassle-free.


Panel for raster suspended ceilings

Easy installation and trouble-free maintenance, combined with proven operational properties and the possibility of incorporating a lighting system, make metal panels for suspended ceilings a perfect choice for any premises - from commercial and office spaces to medical and public facilities.

If access to the built-in communications is needed, each panel can be easily and quickly removed, even by non-professionals. In addition, this type of solutions are non-flammable and non-toxic, predispose to problem-free disinfection, which makes it possible to use them in medical facilities.

Acoustic panels for noise and heat insulation

The solutions in the series are used both as suspended ceiling panels and for independent use as wall panels, sound-absorbing and acoustic partitions and other design solutions.

Along with the effective sound insulation, the series of acoustic panels also helps to insulate the heat and shape the modern appearance of the walls and ceilings. The solutions are non-flammable and made of eco-friendly raw materials and combine functionality and aesthetic durability by allowing painting in any color according to the RAL scheme.


LED lighting for raster suspended ceilings

The KRAFT series of LED lamps and suspended ceiling lighting complements the effect of our suspended ceiling selection. The variety of options we offer ensures that your suspended ceiling can be customized according to your individual requirements, and that its lighting is located where it has the greatest functional and aesthetic importance.

The solutions in the series are developed according to the leading principles for efficient lighting and are characterized by low weight, economy, and versatility.

In addition, they far outperform standard solutions on the market – see how and why in the results of laboratory tests.