Handmade sinks

The range features unique, hand-crafted sinks and basins in a variety of styles, including Moroccan, Mexican and more - both built-in and countertop. All sinks come with a standard drain hole.

Unique handmade sinks and basins with an artistic look 

Each sink or basin is unique in itself, as it is made entirely by hand, with experienced artists decorating the finish in a variety of colors. This means that you cannot find two identical models, on the contrary, the personal signature of the creator will be visible in each product. With us you will find:

  1. Handcrafted sinks from Italy, Sicily region, following a centuries-old tradition of working with ceramics
  2. Handmade Arabic and Oriental style sinks from various regions in Turkey and Morocco, recreating the distinctive symbols and colors of these cultures
  3. Handmade sinks from Mexico using the Talavera technology, combining the features of Spanish, Mexican and Chinese trends
  4. Handmade sinks with folk motifs from Poland, made using technology over 700 years old
  5. Hand-forged sinks covered with a protective patina, made by Mexican artists using ancient technology
  6. Sinks and washbasins made by European artists, made of ceramics, onyx type stone in all colors and shades, semi-precious stones or petrified wood

Choose the right sink or basin for every interior style 

The variety of designs makes it possible to find the perfect solution for your interior project, regardless of whether it is an oriental, classic, rustic or modern style. 

The range of solutions is characterized by a rich variety of colors, so that you can find the ideal model according to the color range of any bathroom.

In addition, the sinks and washbasins in our portfolio impress with their unique shape (oval, round, rectangular, flat, spherical, deep, tall, etc.), sizes (small and large sinks and washbasins) diverse application possibilities (sinks for built-in or countertop), glossy finish, feeling of massiveness and individual details. 

Due to their specific shapes (round, oval, boat-like, rectangular, spherical, flat, tall, deep, shallow, etc.), the beautiful design of each sink or basin is visible from every angle, turning them into an accent element in the room .

Some of the solutions are distinguished by a unique relief, which, in combination with the light, creates a unique 3D effect, emphasizing the depth of the colors.

*The actual appearance of the sink or washbasin may differ from the one in the photo of the respective model due to the hand-crafting.

Easy maintenance and long-lasting operational quality 

The sinks and basins in our portfolio are produced by firing at a high temperature (960°C). The subsequent glazing is done with natural oxides, which guarantees a rich and deep color.

They are resistant to cleaning agents, aging and changing temperatures. In addition, they do not require special maintenance or the cost of expensive preparations. Thanks to its coating, the design and structure of the sink remain stable against chemical and mechanical (scratching) aggressors.