Stylish and detailed wood ornaments and profiles for use in interiors in private and public buildings. Wooden profiles are available in ready-made versions, as well as with the ability to perform custom tasks according to customer requirements. Natural wood such as oak, ash, linden, etc. is used to make each wood profile. At the customer's request, the profiles can also be made of exotic wood such as eucalyptus, Siberian larch, maple, spruce and others.


The solutions in the series of wooden profiles provide everything you need for the restoration and renovation of details and elements in buildings-monuments of culture, as well as in interiors in iconic buildings, museums, etc. The personalized approach in the production of various wooden profiles allows satisfying the needs of each client, including the production of 3D figures, shapes and reliefs, antique furniture and ornaments, decoration of residential and public interiors in a rustic style and more.

After production, the wood profiles are polished and protected from moisture and UV rays with wood wax and a color of your choice. Subsequently, they are delivered ready for installation. Special coatings protect the wood from the negative effects of the external environment and preserve it for a long time.

Depending on the customer's wishes, the elements can be made of different types of wood, including different types of exotic wood. Some of the solutions are also available in a version made of MDF and primed and painted with polyurethane primer and paint in a color of your choice from the RAL palette.


Get acquainted with the models in the series of decorative wooden profiles for the interior and find the solutions that best suit the style of your project.

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