The multi-component concrete mixtures developed by us cover the characteristics of high-strength to ultra-high-strength concrete.

We offer production of high-quality mouldings of composite mixtures of high-strength and ultra-high-strength polymer concrete, which will allow you to add boldness and imagination to your projects as well as additional peace of mind for their realization.

The proper selection of technology, concrete composition, mould, texture, colours and specific treatments lead to the creation of ornaments that are not only beautiful but also possess those qualities that are missing in other conventional decorative elements. Learn more about the technology here.

The high density of the elements greatly inhibits the environmental impact and makes them sustainable and long-lasting. Their high compressive, tensile and flexural strength ensure their structural resistance to high mechanical stresses. The combination of all these features allows the production of many elegant and fine elements, in complex shapes and with a lower weight than the ordinary concrete.


Compressive strength Bending tensile strength Trapped air

We offer:

• Elements of high precision and surface detail;
• Addition of different types of dispersed reinforcement to further improve some of the characteristics;
• Production of details in prefabricated complex formworks;
• Bulk colouring.

The range of concrete elements for structural, exterior and interior applications offers a wide range of solutions and opportunities for:

• Facade panels (suspended or glued);
• Board hats;
• Chimney hats;
• Decorative elements (columns, capitals, bases, arches);
• Window sills;
• Fencing elements;
• Floorings (slabs, decks, steps, faces, curbs, parking elements);
• Ditches and grates;
• Shaft lids;
• Communication shafts;
• Cable ducts;
• Prefabricated elements for house construction;
• Insulating panels;
• Garden and park furniture and equipment;
• Kitchen countertops;
• Fireplace linings.

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