A wide range of room layout options, made with perfectly precise contours and an elegant look with a minimalist design. The rich set of elements and the possible combinations between them, as well as the flexible version of the profiles, make them suitable for all types of home and public spaces.


PU interior profiles are the perfect tool in the mission of creating beautiful and functional spaces, inspiring a feeling of coziness and comfort. Made of particularly reliable and durable material, the profiles are characterized by their perfectly precise contours. Thus, along with their exquisite vision and operational reliability, they are an ideal choice for the complete transformation of any type of interior space - from heavily loaded office and commercial spaces, through the premises in the home (bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, hallways). and bathrooms), to public buildings and heavily congested areas in shops, hotels and holiday complexes.

The range of interior profiles from PU provides a particularly wide range of options in a number of areas - from cornice, linear and sill profiles, through corner elements, pilasters, columns and niches, to door frames, ornaments and 3D panels. These, as well as the other elements in the series bring the freedom of choice, and the ability to make every detail and in a bendable version, greatly facilitate the formation of oval walls and round columns in the room.

StyroDesign PU interior profiles and decorative elements give a refined and unique style to the room, allowing each idea to become a reality and come to life in your home.


Unlimited possibilities for design and layout of the premises in a wide range of shapes, reliefs and combinations of individual ornaments.

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Installation products

The installation of decorative PU profiles can be defined as a relatively easy task.

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