Decorative imitation wood includes a wide selection of elements in three main directions - decorative wooden beams, decorative facade boards and decorative siding. What they all have in common is a particularly light and hard material from which they are made, allowing the perfect imitation of natural wood and the preservation of the unique interior and exterior vision ahead of time.

The products of this series are able to give a refined and unique style to any interior or facade. The installation of the details is quick, easy and hassle-free, regardless of the type of base and the existing coating. Made of lightweight material, the decorative profiles are fixed only with the help of polymer glue. All this saves unnecessary additional load on the base. However, along with its low weight, the material is also characterized by its enviable strength and resistance to mechanical pressure. Thanks to the durable finish, the decorative elements retain their reliable performance in the long run.

The decorative elements from our portfolio help to give a feeling of comfort and coziness in every home. Thanks to their considerable detail, everyone can easily recreate the desired ethno style, as well as convey the atmosphere of a country villa in the heart of the city, a modern restaurant or a luxury hotel.