They are made of impact and waterproof PU polymer with a very high density. This makes the profiles extremely rigid and resistant to strong shocks and high mechanical loads.


StyroDesign's series of polyurethane exterior profiles and decorations unfolds before you a wide range of complementary details capable of transforming a façade beyond recognition. Thanks to the many individual solutions included in the direction, the design of the specific radiation and the individual character of a facade becomes quite possible and especially accessible. Whether it's choosing individual elements or the clever combination of several details to achieve complex shapes and reliefs, StyroDesign's range of exterior profiles provides everything you need to meet the goals of your project.

StyroDesign's PU series of exterior solutions is made of a particularly dense and impact-resistant PU polymer, ensuring significant part strength. Thanks to their hardness and resistance to mechanical influences, they are able to decorate your facade for decades without affecting their structure and appearance. The durability of their colors, combined with the fact that they can be decorated easily and conveniently only with the help of oil or water-soluble paints, makes them a universal solution for facades located in any location. Thanks to all this, StyroDesign PU façade profiles easily fit into the overall idea of ​​each building, deploying a wide field of expression in a wide range of architectural styles.

The exterior profiles are also available in a bendable version, helping for easy and comfortable shaping of oval walls and round elements in the general plan of the facade. Their installation is quick and hassle-free, and subsequent maintenance and cleaning is done only with a damp cloth.


Architecture has always been a part of modern culture, and its masterpieces from time immemorial captivate and inspire us with the beauty and grandeur of its ornaments, shapes and details.

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Ready-made solutions

Facade profiles are versatile and can satisfy even the most unusual design ideas.

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Installation products

The installation of decorative facade elements and profiles is a responsible task, which must ensure their strong attachment to the facade, as well as their durability for the entire period of operation of the building.

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