The decorative facade profiles are made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) with high density and are protected by a surface layer of a cement-based polymer coating to protect them from aging and gives them a natural look. Due to their elasticity they do not change their properties over time. Their installation is easy and hassle-free to all types of facade coatings; it does not require specific and time-consuming preparation of the base.

Due to its low weight it does not require additional mechanical strengthening and the installation is done only with the use of polymer adhesive. The profiles can be cut on the required length and at the desired angle with a simple hand tool for cutting, without breaking the surface layer. The protective polymer coating can be painted with all kinds of façade paints in a wide range of colors in sync with the main color of the facade and the whole idea of the building.

An element of the systems for facade design StyroDesign. It is suitable both for the construction of new and the renovation of old buildings and facades.

– simple and effective individual decoration of facades

– custom-made by clients projects

– made of light materials, which do not load the base

– protected with a durable coating that is resistant to weather conditions

– way shorter time for production and delivery in comparison with profiles of gypsum, stones, etc.

– easy installation and safety at work


Our facade profiles are versatile and can meet even the most unusual design ideas. Whether with exact reconstructions, additions and renovation in a particular architectural style or addition of post-modern accents – our program offers a wide range of practical solutions.

The exceptional characteristics of the lightweight construction material are an embodiment of pure diversity – from filigree ornaments to large areas of rustic-style stones. The facade profiles and ornaments also blend perfectly with textured plaster and clinker.

The program versatility convinces from the very entrance – while the stylish portals impart elegant aura and radiance and the post-modern accents on the same facades bring surprising moments, which, when treated with coloured facade paints, impress even more.

The profile’s program has a universal application and can be used not only on the exterior. For example, the consoles and framing profiles create a sophisticated atmosphere in interior spaces as well. The profiles can also be used for the perfect framing of decorative plastered areas produced by modern techniques.

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