A wide range of decorative facade solutions made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), able to meet even the most specific requirements. For all those who want to put their own handwriting in the design of the facade, we also offer the opportunity to work on an individual project.


StyroDesign's EPS exterior profiles combine the sense of luxury and aristocracy inherent in the beautiful facades of bygone eras. Made of expanded polystyrene, the details are characterized by their particularly high density and low weight, minimizing the stress on the facade. Thanks to the special cement-based polymer coatings with which the profiles are protected, they acquire particularly high strength and resistance to severe weathering and aggressors from the external environment. In this way, the details become resistant to aging, keeping the structure and beautiful appearance intact for a long period of operation.

EPS facade profiles are especially easy to install as their fixing to the exterior surface of the building is possible with all types of foundations and does not require time-consuming preliminary preparation. The low weight of the parts eliminates the need for additional mechanical reinforcement and allows installation only with the help of polymer glue. EPS profiles are susceptible to cutting with a simple hand-held cutting tool. Thus, the adjustment to the base becomes easy and without problems, and the base of the profile remains intact.

For perfect results and perfect integration into the overall concept of the building, StyroDesign EPS façade profiles can be painted with all types of façade paints. Thus, the details can be easily and seamlessly decorated in a wide range of tones and palettes.

All this makes StyroDesign's EPS façade profiles the perfect solution for both new construction and restoration of existing buildings.


Decorative facade profiles are made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) with high density and are protected with a surface layer of polymer coating on a cement basis ...

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Architecture has always been a part of modern culture, and its masterpieces from time immemorial captivate and inspire us with the beauty and grandeur of its ornaments, shapes and details.

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Ready-made solutions

Facade profiles are versatile and can satisfy even the most unusual design ideas.

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Installation products

The installation of decorative facade elements and profiles is a responsible task, which must ensure their strong attachment to the facade, as well as their durability for the entire period of operation of the building.

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Facade profiles are versatile and can satisfy even the most unusual design ideas.

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