Details and decorations of high-quality polystyrene in different shapes and sizes made according to the individual customer project's specifications.

3D-precision for your advertising panels, letters and numbers

3D letters and signs have been proven in the decoration of stores and the visualization of different advertisement message types.

No wonder: It is not only possible to produce each font type, but we can also meet your exact surface requirements. We can deliver your advertising messages in any size – from the miniature 4 cm to XXXL heights of 500 cm.

Our 3D letters are extremely suitable as corporate inscriptions for outdoor use – with high-quality surfaces, flawless optics and great durability.

Detailed 3D logos according to your drawings

3D logos are versatile design elements for use in retail, advertising, expositions, wall decoration, shop windows, and more.

The numerous surface treatment options allow you to get any texture – from matte to metallic gloss – exactly matching your wishes.

Based on your sized sketches and drawings in a very short period we will send you our attractive offer!

For outdoor use, we will process your logo with high-quality coatings and give it an attractive optics and maximum durability.

Sculptures, statues and fairy-tale figures

The expanded polystyrene (Styrofoam) is an ideal material for the production of large-format sculptures and statues for outdoor and indoor use. Easy processing with the modern CNC technique, allows being randomly shaped. With the different types of finishing coatings, the surface can be treated in such matter that it is possible to acquire any colour, structure and gloss.

As for size, we are also flexible enough and we can offer a detail sizes from 10 to 500 centimetres – cut or milled sculptures, statues, advertisement forms and decorative items for window displays and stands.

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