A rich range of NOMAWOOD® wooden facade decoration solutions from the sector leader NMC in dozens of colors and a variety of sizes. The line includes dozens of products, including facade panels, window coverings, garden gates and fences, furniture and equipment for spa areas, benches and garden pots, and more.

Wooden facade decoration NOMAWOOD®

StyroDesign brings to your attention a rich variety of solutions for wooden facade decoration NOMAWOOD® from the Belgian leader in the field, NMC. 

The rich variety of solutions for facade decoration made of wood is united under three main factors - aesthetic-enduring look, functionality and reliability.

The direction is inspired by the unique advantages of wood. The solutions in the NOMAWOOD® series are specially designed to withstand the challenges of nature and cover all areas of exterior design.  

All solutions in the series are accompanied by a warranty of up to 10 years.

The advantages of NOMAWOOD® wooden facade decoration

The products in the series are effective solutions to all potential problems that you might encounter in the process of implementing exterior areas. 

For example, with the NOMAWOOD® wooden facade decoration, you don't have to worry about resistance to aggressive and variable atmospheric conditions, water absorption, wear and discoloration of the material, development of bacteria and fungi, cracking of the finish layer, etc.

This is due to the unique properties of the material, including:

  • Water resistance;
  • UV resistance;
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning;
  • Trouble-free installation;
  • Durable material that does not swell or compromise;
  • Perfectly smooth structure without bumps and cracks;
  • It doesn't slip;
  • 100% recyclable material;
  • Made in Belgium with guaranteed European quality;
  • Easy to repair if needed.


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Discover the variety of products for wooden facade decoration, available in dozens of colors and sizes.

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