- easy mounting and exploitation

- good thermal-insulation characteristics

- excellently adheres to mineral bases and EPS, XPS, PUR

- prevents the formation of thermal bridges

- express hardening

- allows work at low temperatures

- allows plastering of the boards in 2 hours

- moisture resistant



TERMOFLEX ® PU CONTACT is one-component low expanding polyurethane foam for manual application, which hardens from the humidity in the air and is designed for quick mounting of thermal insulation boards from expanded (EPS) and extruded (XPS) polystyrene. It has great adhesion and bonds very well to mineral bases (concrete, bricks, masonry, mortars), Styrofoam, bitumen insulation materials, wooden, metal and glass surfaces. It holds very good thermal-insulation characteristics, which additionally increase the thermal insulation effect and prevents effectively the formation of thermal bridges between the boards.

The adhesive permits exploitation at low temperatures and is resistant to humidity. It hardens quickly and in this way facilitates the express finish of the working process. Approximately 2 hours after bonding, the bards may be smoothed out with sand paper and fixed with dowels, and after that one may apply armored plaster within the same day. The great bonding strength determines its low indicative consumption and guarantees economy of the funds invested.

TERMOFLEX® PU CONTACT is an element of the integrated thermal insulation systems TERMOFLEX® CLASSIC and TERAPOR® ULTRA and is suitable both for newly erected buildings and for old buildings - within the process of renovation or improvement of their thermal insulation. It is not suitable for bonding polyethylene, silicone and Teflon.