Polyurethane is a unique facade and interior material for making decorative elements. It was invented in the 30s in Germany. This polymer combines all the best properties of the materials from which the facade decoration is traditionally made, while at the same time being practically devoid of many of their shortcomings.

Polyurethane is an ideal facade material with great durability, it is dense and is characterized by high strength of its surface layer. It does not change its properties in a fairly wide temperature range (from -70 ° C to + 80 ° C), is resistant to aggressive environmental influences and retains its aesthetic and technical characteristics even with prolonged exposure to sun, rain and wind. This is especially important in cases where it is used for decorative decoration of the facade.

The decorative elements of polyurethane facade are strong and light, but the matrices in which they are made are complex and very expensive. All this sets the production features of the technological process: The production of decorative elements of polyurethane is a labor-intensive process that requires very expensive investment, the participation of technically highly qualified specialists and strict quality control in all areas of the production process. This makes it almost impossible and extremely expensive to make individual projects and decorations. The client is forced to choose from a limited set of decorative elements that can not be changed and individually adjusted in size and type.

In its detail and accuracy of workmanship, polyurethane is comparable to gypsum decorative elements, and in terms of reliability is not inferior to concrete elements. The relatively low weight of the ornaments allows them to be mounted on the facade without the need for special equipment and machinery. The material can be subjected to almost any machining: grinding, cutting, drilling, etc. In addition, the possibility of polyurethane products to be treated with special coatings that mimic different materials, allows to realize any project of the facade, conceived by the designer-architect.

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