Foams (polystyrene, expanded polystyrene) are one of the most economical and functional solutions for the production of sculptural facade and interior decor. Styrofoam ornaments are many times cheaper than those made of any other type of material used to decorate facades and interiors. This is due to the price of raw materials, the properties of the finished products and the production technology, both of the polystyrene foam itself and of its decorative elements.

The technology of production of polystyrene decorations does not require the use of complex molding devices, as in the process of making decor from other types of materials. Decorative elements made of expanded polystyrene are cut into special software-controlled machines that optimize both production waste and the time required for production, which in turn allows minimizing the price. The use of polystyrene foam elements on facades is possible only after the application of a protective multilayer coating (usually cement-based).

The availability of cheap material as an alternative is always expensive. Economy class is in great demand and can significantly save the owner, especially if the project is very large.

What are the advantages of decorative elements made of expanded polystyrene?

1. The price is the lowest compared to all other types of decor. This is especially important for large projects and projects with a limited budget.

2. The ability to produce decorative elements on an individual basis, without leading to cost, is one of the biggest advantages of polystyrene foam. Such a possibility in the production of polyurethane elements does not exist or is extremely expensive.

3. The speed of production of products. Styrofoam cutting technology involves a quick method of making decorations in large quantities. Applying a protective coating prolongs the period slightly. This allows the project to be completed in a sufficiently short time without the need for long waits or advance planning by customers.

4. The minimum weight of the decorative elements that does not burden the load-bearing part of the building in any way. This also determines the extremely light and trouble-free installation of the elements on the facade.

What are the disadvantages of polystyrene facade decoration?

1. The low cost of polystyrene decoration reflects one significant disadvantage for construction - it is its low resistance to mechanical stress and instability compared to the decor made of other types of materials. If the upper protective layer is damaged, the decor of polystyrene, exposed to the weather, can quickly break down - within a few seasons.

2. The production of polystyrene products can not always create sophisticated and elegant jewelry with fine details - for example, bas-reliefs, which for some styles of architecture is a disadvantage. In this case it is necessary to use decorative elements of another material.

3. The durability of the facade decorations made of expanded polystyrene without maintenance is about 5-7 years, and this period depends significantly on the quality of the applied protective coating and especially on the quality of the installation of decorative elements. After this period, regular inspection of the condition and timely recovery of accidental minor damage to the decor is required. However, careful treatment and periodic maintenance guarantee a long service life of the polystyrene foam decor.

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