How and from what are the solutions in the series of panels made of artificial stone and wood made? What are their properties? How can they change the interior? What benefits do they provide? Here you can learn the answers to these and many other questions related to the series of panels of artificial stone and wood.

The panels completely recreate the natural feel of wood and stone. The series of artificial stone and wood panels is inspired by the raw and authentic industrial style of buildings in a number of European countries, dating back to the years of industrial growth. Unlike the typical massiveness of them, however, the design of the panels combines the feeling of luxury, comfort and modern radiance.

The panels are characterized by light weight (only 7 kg / m2) and a beautiful appearance, completely resembling the surfaces and materials they imitate.

StyroDesign's portfolio includes over 20 models, each in a variety of variations and colors. From traditional brick, through concrete, wood and stone, to mosaic walls, the series offers a solution for the purposes of each project. Through the combination of different models and colors, the rooms can acquire a natural and natural atmosphere.

The solutions are made of fiberglass and resins, and are covered with a natural stone-powder coating. Recycled materials are used for the production of fiberglass. Stone imitation panels are produced with an average thickness of 5 mm.

The technical characteristics of the decorative panels make them a universal solution with easy application and long-term operational reliability. Some of the properties and features of the panels include:

- Flammability class "D";
- Resistance to variable temperatures, aging and UV rays;
- Not susceptible to corrosion;
- Waterproof;
- With particularly high mechanical strength;
- Heat and sound insulating properties;

Panels imitating wood are made of three-layer laminated boards, which are characterized by the natural look and feel of the material. Their design preserves natural circles, which can be found when cutting natural wood. The visible side is textured, while the back is smooth and flat, predisposing to easy and quick installation. The weight of the wooden panels is 9 kg / m2.

They are inspired by the rustic and massive vision of the old buildings and temporary buildings. StyroDesign's portfolio of solutions offers a wide variety of models and colors, thanks to which the panels fit perfectly into projects of all types.

The portfolio also includes VITTORIA panels - the most accurate reproduction of the exquisite and sophisticated metal elements typical of the interior of the iconic buildings in New York, built until the middle of the last century. The panels are a perfect solution for installation on ceilings, wall compositions, as well as as single elements in the design of accent areas in the room.

A particularly important feature of the panels is their simple and trouble-free installation. It is done only with the help of dowels. Thanks to this, they can be mounted and dismounted repeatedly, which gives additional flexibility and the ability to choose how and where to be located.