A wide range of panels of artificial stone and wood for decorating interiors in private and public spaces. With over 120 different solutions - from traditional brick, through concrete, wood and stone, to mosaic walls, StyroDesign's portfolio can meet even the most specific requirements.


The series of panels of artificial stone and wood completely recreate the natural feel of the natural materials they imitate. Decisions in the direction are inspired by a number of architectural styles, including the authentic industrial look of industrial buildings and factories in Europe, the refined and sophisticated vision of the iconic buildings in New York, built until the middle of the last century and more.

The design of the panels radiates a sense of luxury, comfort and modern vision. However, achieving these effects does not come at the expense of their characteristics. On the contrary - the panels have a light weight in the range between 7 and 9 kg / m2, flammability class "D", resistance to external aggressors, corrosion, aging and UV rays and more. The solutions are made of fiberglass and resins with an average thickness of 5 mm, and are covered with natural stone-powder coating. This makes them waterproof and gives them particularly high mechanical strength.

The installation of the panels is significantly simplified and is done only with the help of dowels. Thanks to this, they can be mounted and dismounted repeatedly.

The series of panels of artificial stone and wood includes over 20 models, each of which in a variety of varieties and colors. From traditional brick, through concrete and stone, to mosaic walls, the series offers a solution for the purposes of each project.


The panels completely recreate the natural feel of wood and stone and are used for all types of projects.

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Immerse yourself in the range of ready-made solutions, including over 120 panels of artificial stone and wood and draw the design of your interior.

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Get acquainted with the examples of the unique effect of the application of panels in interiors in homes, offices, hotels and retail space.

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