Rich variety of organic wallpaper, a combination of alpine vegetation and natural materials (grasses, herbs, flowers, seeds, etc.), glued to a special substrate. They are completely harmless and produced by environmentally friendly technology. They are suitable for the design of beautiful and fragrant colored surfaces on walls and ceilings and individual fine accent elements in bedrooms, corridors, common areas, spa areas, conference rooms, offices and more.



The Organoid® organic wallpaper series includes beautiful natural wallpapers made from all-natural materials such as hay, lavender, cornflower, rose blossom, wool, birch leaves, bark and more. Each of these materials is pressed on a variety of wallpaper bases, including standard, self-adhesive and linen backs using patented technology that preserves the natural look, color and flavor of the source material.

The series of organic wallpapers also includes lightweight versions, characterized by a lower density of natural raw materials and colors. The solutions are also available per linear meter. The combination of these two factors turns the wallpaper into affordable solution even for projects with a limited budget.

Organic wallpapers are suitable for shaping beautiful colored surfaces on walls and ceilings. The solutions in the series of self-adhesive organic wallpapers and foils are the preferred choice for decoration of individual elements in the furniture such as furniture, lighting fixtures, etc.

Each model of organic wallpaper is delivered ready for interior use. Wallpapers stick easily and without problems, only with the help of ordinary glue. They do not swell and swell, maintaining the stability of their size. With the help of self-adhesive organic wallpaper and foils, in turn, everyone can transform the premises in just hours.

Whether you want to decorate the dining room at home, the common areas in the hotel lobby, or the glass door in the office, the Organoid® series of organic wallpapers gives you everything you need.

As part of the Organoid® series of organic tiles, the wallpapers have won some of the most significant international awards for interior design.

"Organoid's organic wallpapers and organic panels are embodiment of biophilic design. Organic materials awaken the senses - one can see, feel and enjoy the aroma of the natural elements used in these multifunctional surfaces, and thus feel better and healthier in the space they inhabit.

Jessica McNowton, president of CaraGreen.


Learn about one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to bring nature into your home and make it an integral part of the beauty of your interior.

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The portfolio includes a wide range of organic wallpapers suitable for the goals and budget of each project.

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Get real examples of the effect of the application of organic wallpaper in private homes, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants and more.

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