Enjoy the unique aroma of hand-cut alpine hay, growing 1700 m above sea level on the steep slopes of Wildspitz - the highest peak in Tyrol. Made with love, detail by detail, Organoid® organic surfaces enchant the home and bring the purity and simplicity of the mountain indoors!

Have you heard of Wildspitze?

The highest peak in Tyrol, with its 3.770 m, rises majestically above the impressive mountain landscape of the Alps.

The pastures and meadows on the slopes of Wildspitze are, to a large extent, still cultivated and managed in the traditional way. In most cases, this happens without the use of technology, as many regions can still be reached only on foot.

Harvesting is hard physical work that requires a lot of farmers. The hay is mown by hand and then collected with hand rakes. Until it dries, it is turned again by hand with forks, then, in baskets on its back, it is transported to the nearest road, from where it is transported to the valley.

The aroma of fresh hay is deeply ingrained in us and reminds us of life connected with nature, of a village holiday…

The idea to bring the fragrant alpine hay into the interior and the premises was realized in 2012. After several years of intensive research and experiments at the Austrian company, they found an innovative way to gently compress the valuable natural material so that it retains its natural haptics (touch), color and natural aroma. The first fragrant organic surface of alpine hay was created: WILDSPITZE.


What makes organoid surfaces unique in the world?

Interview with Martin Jehart & Mag. Christoph Egger

What does ORGANOID mean?

The phrase ORGANOID consists of "organis" - in the sense of natural, unchanged - and the ending "-oid" (from ancient Greek: similar). In our organic surfaces are hidden 100% durability, authenticity, connection with nature and untreated natural materials.

How did your company develop?

After 3 years of intensive research and development, in 2013, we founded Organoid Technologies GmbH. At numerous exhibitions and conferences, our patented method met with great global interest, which is reflected in the number and quality of awards and distinctions. Currently, our company is positioned in Tyrol, where 1200 employees work on 2 m15 of production area.

What is so unique about organic surfaces?

One feels best and comfortable when surrounded by a natural environment. With his senses he perceives the atmosphere and the coziness of the premises. With our organic surfaces we enhance this feeling of coziness. Nature, with its diversity, enters and "applies" to the premises and evokes emotions:

The first impression - we see the natural surface and recognize the material from which it is made - such as lavender. Memories awaken - grandma's garden, vacation in Provence…

Our curiosity awakens and we want to run our fingers and palms on the surface, to feel the subtle nuances, to feel the individual parts of the plant - leaf, stem, bud, shell…

With the finest of our senses we perceive a delicate aroma. We smell the surface and close our eyes: freshly cut hay, a beautiful rose, a refreshing lemon, a stimulating coffee… a moment of inner pause…



What materials do we work with.

Nature in its entirety provides us with everything we need for our organic surfaces - from A to Z - from alpine hay, through hop cones and wheat flowers, to cedar needles. We could use any natural material, but we prefer to work with biologically and regionally produced raw materials that are not processed in conventional production processes. Our customers can specify and customize organic surfaces by color (eg RAL 9004), by origin (eg by own chocolate production) and by mechanical properties (eg to be highly elastic or light-transmitting). We are ready to meet any challenge!


What we produce.

The natural materials we use as raw material are mixed with an environmentally friendly binder and are gently pressed in the form of a thin film with a thickness of 0,1 to 3 mm, depending on the raw material used. Organic surfaces are not further processed in any way and are delivered as ready-to-use decorative surfaces in their original natural condition and quality.

All "organoid" surfaces are safe for nature and man and do not cause allergies (tested for allergens). They regulate the climate in the room and emit virtually no emissions. CO2 is produced neutrally in Tyrol, Austria.

In cases where it is necessary to meet particularly high requirements for resistance to moisture, scratches, abrasion and light, our surfaces can be sealed with conventional oils and varnishes.


What foundations are we working on?

Thin organic surfaces are pressed on all kinds of wooden surfaces, flexible felt fabrics and fabrics, papers and self-adhesive foils. In this way, completely individualized intermediate products are created to meet each requirement.

Our production line is optimized for size 3050x1320 mm. However, on request we can produce smaller (eg doors or paper sheets) or larger formats (rolls up to 3 m wide).

Almost all natural materials can be combined with the pads we use, so as to achieve exactly the specified specifications.



High Pressure Laminate


Thickness: 0,8-1,2 mm according to EN 438
Dimensions: 3.050 x 1.320 mm


It is processed as a standard laminate
B s1 d0 according to EN 13501-1 flame retardant product in composite state


actively breathable wallpaper back of linen


Thickness: about 1 mm
Dimensions: 3.050 x 1.320 mm


Easy cutting
It is installed as vinyl wallpaper


thick self-adhesive foil


Thickness: about 1,2 mm
Dimensions: 3.050 x 1.320 mm


Easy cutting. Bending radius up to 2 mm.
Before installation, the protective film on the back is removed


thin translucent self-adhesive foil


Thickness: about 0,5 mm
Dimensions: 3.050 x 1.320 mm


Easy cutting. Bending radius up to 0,5 mm.
Before installation, the protective film on the back is removed


without pad - 100% nature


Thickness: about 2 mm
Dimensions: 3.050 x 1.320 mm


Transparency can be adjusted by layering For decoration of lampshades, inserts, etc.


thin, flexible non-woven fabric without glue


Thickness: about 0,5 mm
Dimensions: 3.050 x 1.320 mm


Easy cutting. Bending radius up to 0,5 mm.
It is mounted as a wooden veneer


oak veneer, self-adhesive label or wrapping foil


Roll length: from 50 m
Width: up to 300 mm


moisture resistant HDF board with extruded cork layer


Thickness: 17 mm
Dimensions: 1.230 x 305 mm


Easy installation with a click system.
Class: 32 / AC3 ​​(EN 16511)


acoustic felt on perforated MDF board


Acoustic panels and panels have been proven to improve indoor acoustics.
Depending on the requirements, it is possible to make different systems.


as laminated solid or multilayer parts of wood, steel or aluminum


It is possible to make surfaces for injection molds.


Who we work for.

The possibilities for organic surfaces to be combined with substrates of different types of materials are unlimited. Different individualizations and personalizations create an extremely large product variety. This allows us to be able to serve the needs of many different types of industries and to be able to find a solution for each requirement. Share your needs with us!


For furniture and door manufacturers, carpenters, design and furnishing companies, conference halls, exhibitions, hotels and much more, Organoid® HPL is the number one choice.

With conventional machinery, organic surfaces can be glued and treated as standard HPL laminate.

Whether for application on large areas or for the production of small details - Organoid® HPL allows "play" with different materials and color accents and thus emphasize the natural character of wood.

Special effects can also be achieved with Organoid® Flexi, Organoid® Roll, Organoid® Self-Adhesive and Organoid® Floring.


Painters and upholsterers will enjoy Organoid® Wallpaper, which is installed like any heavy wallpaper with the help of conventional adhesives.

Unique and inimitable walls and ceilings are born quickly and easily. Particular effects can also be achieved with Organoid® Self-Adhesive and Organoid® Pur.


Whether for product designers, packaging designers or bookbinders, the organoid portfolio offers suitable organic surfaces for small applications.

The backing material can be specified by the customer - for example paper or different types of fabrics.

In addition to gluing, organic surfaces can be processed in many other ways - by sewing, folding, punching, plotter cutting, etc.

Organoid® Translucent and Organoid® Pur may also be of interest to designers


Due to the minimum purchase quantities of only a few m2 and the high degree of individualization (for example, leaves from the customer's garden), our products can be used in very small projects.

Naturally, however, we are also well prepared and equipped for the implementation of large-scale projects with areas of several 1000 m2, in which to ensure the accurate implementation of specified quality - through the constant control of more than 40 parameters.


Organic surfaces and effective acoustic absorption are complemented by 4 "organoid" products: acoustic felt, acoustic panels, acoustic paintings and sound absorber slot.

Acoustic modules can hang from the ceiling, build wide-format wall and ceiling cladding or act as a decorative element of furniture, doors and walls.


With Organoid® Translucent and Organoid® Pur, we offer lighting designers and constructors two products with definable transparency.

The products are suitable for use as decoration of lampshades and LED lighting fixtures. In combination with glass surfaces, they are also used for anti-reflective protection or the construction of visually impaired partition walls.


Our organic surfaces, with their flexibility and extensibility, can also be shaped into 3D shapes. For companies working with plywood, pressed wood particles or felts from natural fibers, we supply covers of organic surfaces for direct molding.

All our organic surfaces can be applied directly to syringe molds. According to the client's order, we also produce massive 3D-shapes from various natural materials.

Our philosophy: Sustainability in every aspect!

Look! Touch! Smell it! Survive!

Our vision

In our modern, increasingly technological and fast-paced daily life, we would like our organic surfaces to contribute to the fact that people are increasingly turning to nature and strengthening the extremely important connection between man and nature.

Our mission

Through the use of natural and unprocessed parts of plants, which in the production process retain most of their original qualities of optics, haptics (touch) and aroma, to bring nature indoors and refresh the positive memories of our experiences in nature.

Our value system

As a young and ambitious, globally working team, we value positive collaboration between employees, partners, suppliers and customers.

Natural raw materials

We always strive to use raw materials from organic agriculture or by-products from the food and agricultural industries. Thanks to our cooperation with the Kaunergrat Nature Park, we have the opportunity to receive the best alpine hay and flowering grasses directly from our neighbors. Where this is not possible, we rely on regional partners and short transport routes. By the way: The names of our organic surfaces are not the result of spelling mistakes, but are borrowed from our Tyrolean dialect and strengthen our connection with the region.


In our factory in the Tyrolean mountains we work with masterful diligence and ancient knowledge. As a climate-neutral company, we are powered by 100% environmentally friendly electricity and compensate for unavoidable emissions with our partner ClimatePartner. The binders we use in our production are free of solvents, plasticizers, and all kinds of dyes and flavors.

Natural beauty - Is a natural advantage

The natural beauty of our surfaces comes from nature itself. Nature is the best designer, and we, with our technical and manual skills, only help her find her way to our premises.

Last but not least, the many awards and positive feedback from our customers prove that we are on the right track. Join us!

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