Enjoy the unique aroma of the hand-cut alpine hay, grown at 1,700 meters above sea level on the steep slopes of Wildspitze – the highest peak in Tyrol. Made with love, piece by piece, the organic surfaces Organoid® fascinate the home and bring the purity and simplicity of the mountain into the premises!

Get to know the Wildspitze

The highest mountain in Tyrol towers at a majestic 3,770 m over the impressive Alpine landscape.

The Wildspitze’s many ridges are home to Alpine farms and meadows, many of which are still traditionally managed today. More often than not, farmers tend to the land without the use of machines because many areas can only be reached on foot.

Considering that farmers mow by hand with pitchforks and rakes, it should come as no surprise that harvesting hay is amongst the most strenuous of activities in the Alps. Hay is gathered into special baskets worn on the back for transport into the valley.

The fragrance of hay is deeply embedded in our psyches and reminds us of a life spent working outdoors or holidays on the farm…

Bringing the fragrance of Alpine hay into your home was only achieved after years of intensive research and trials until a breakthrough in 2012: Natural materials are pressed into tiles, whereby the natural feel and colour, as well as natural fragrance are largely retained. This was a real innovation! Finding a name for the airy, fragrant surface made from Alpine hay was easy: WILDSPITZE.


What makes “organoid“ unique in the world?

Interview with Martin Jehart & Christopher Egger

What does ORGANOID mean?

In breaking down the ORGANOID brand, “Organic” (in the sense of natural and pristine) and “oid” (from the ancient Greek for ‘like’) are the key elements. 100% sustainability, authenticity, closeness to nature and nontreated natural materials are the ingredients of our natural surfaces.

How did the company develop?

After three years of intense research and development, we founded Organoid Technologies GmbH in 2013. In the years that followed, our patented method was presented at numerous fairs and exhibitions worldwide, drawing interest from around the world in addition to numerous awards. The company currently employs 15 members of staff at its 1,200-m² facility (production and administration) in Tyrolean Oberland.

What makes ORGANOID’s natural surfaces so unique?

People feel most comfortable in a natural environment. After all, humans perceive the world around them with all their senses. We are able to achieve this feeling of comfort with our ORGANOID natural surfaces. Capable of evoking strong emotions, nature in its infinite variety is now featured in interior spaces as well.

At first glance – we see the natural surfaces and recognise the raw material, e.g. lavender. Memories are evoked – grandmother’s garden, holidays in the countryside …

Curiosity is stirred and we move our hands and fingers across a tactile surface to feel its nuances and the individual parts of plants – leaf, stem, bud & husk.

We perceive the delicate aromas with our finely tuned senses. We smell the surfaces and close our eyes: fresh Alpine hay, sweet rose, refreshing lemon, stimulating coffee … and we pause for a moment to breathe deeply



What we work with.

The fullness of nature grants us everything we need to create our natural surfaces – from A to Z – i.e. Alpine hay, hop cones, cornflower blossoms & stone-pine needles. We can utilise every natural raw material, but we prefer to use organic and regionally produced raw materials, which are not typically processed in conventional production processes. Our clients can specify natural surfaces according to colour (e.g. RAL 9004), origin (e.g. from own chocolate production) and mechanical properties (e.g. highly flexible or translucent) desired. We are up to every challenge!


What we produce.

Natural materials are mixed with an ecological binding agent and then pressed together during a careful pressing process into a thin layer – which may be 0.1 to 3 mm thick depending on the raw materials used. As a matter of practice, the natural surfaces are not treated and are delivered in their original quality.

ORGANOID surfaces are practically emissions-free and allergy tested. They are free from ecological or other health concerns in addition to being climate friendly and manufactured in a CO 2-neutral process in Tyrol, Austria.

In order to meet the very high standards of water, scratch, light and abrasion resistance, our surfaces can be sealed with conventional oils and varnishes.


What we build on.

We press thin natural surfaces on all wooden materials, flexible liners & materials, papers and self-adhesive films. This allows us to create custom semi-finished products for every requirement.

Our product line is optimised for 3,050 x 1,320 mm. Upon request, we can also work in smaller dimensions, e.g. doors or paper sheets, or also larger dimensions, e.g. rolls up to 3 metres wide.

Nearly any natural material can be combined with our carrier materials in order to achieve the necessary specifications.


(High Pressure Laminate)


0,8-1,2 mm according EN 438
Dimensions: 3,050 x 1,320 mm


As a composite structure almost entirely flame retardant B s1 d0 according to EN 13501-1


Breathable wallpaper backings or strong adhesive films for direct adhesion on plasterboard, concrete and more.


Total thickness: approx. 1 mm
Dimensions: 3,050 x 1,320 mm


Easy to cut


Strong self-adhesive film black


Total thickness: approx. 1,2 mm
Размери: 3.050 x 1.320 мм


Easy to cut. Small bending radii: possible up to 2 mm
Easy application: peel off the protective layer from the
back, stick on wherever you want, that’s it.


Translucent self-adhesive film


Total thickness: approx. 0,5 mm
Dimensions: 3,050 x 1,320 mm


Small bending radii: up to 0.5 mm
Easy to cut
Easy application: peel off the protective layer from the
back, stick on wherever you want, that’s it.


No carrier material – pure nature


Total thickness: approx. 2 mm
Dimensions: 3,050 x 1,320 mm


The translucency can be defined according to customers’ wishes or by the quality of fibres and the coating thickness.


Thin and flexible carrier material without glue penetration


Total thickness: approx. 0,5 mm
Dimensions: 3,050 x 1,320 mm


Small bending radii : up to 0.5 mm
Easy to cut
Processing: like wood veneer


For use as bordering, e.g. 24 mm with oak backside or as self-adhesive sticker or wrapping film


Length on roll: min. 50 m
Width: up to 300 mm


Highly concentrated, moisture-controlling natural-fibre tiles with agglomerated cork providing back tension


Total thickness: 17mm
Panel size: 1,230 x 305 mm


Easy to lay with click-system
Classification: commercial 32 (EN 16511)


акустичен филц върху перфорирана MDF плоскост


Absorber Panels, Slot Absorbers and Picture Absorbers are proven to improve room acoustics.
Various systems are available depending upon requirements.


Solid or coated moulded parts made from wood, aluminium, or steel.


We also create surfaces for injected moulds.


Our clients.

The possibilities for combining natural and carrier materials are practically limitless, as are the various customisation options available to produce an exceptional variety of products. This allows us to serve the needs of a variety of branches. Contact us for more information!


Our Organoid® HPL products are the first choice for furniture makers, carpenters, door makers and booth & shop designers.

Using the existing machinery natural surfaces can be processed such as laminates.

Ideal for large applications or small details, Organoid® HPL allows for the use of various materials and colour accents to emphasise the natural character of wood.

To create special effects, employ Organoid® Flexi, Organoid® Roll, Organoid® Everywhere Self-Adhesive and Organoid® Flooring.


Painters and wallpaper fans will love Organoid® Wallpaper, which like other heavy wallpapers, can be applied using conventional methods.
Create unique and one-of-a-kind walls and ceilings in no time. Also add special effects with: Organoid® Everywhere Self-Adhesive and Organoid® PURE.


Perfect for product or packaging designers and book binding specialists, the range of organoid products ensures the right natural surface for even the smallest of applications.

Customers are also free to provide carrier materials, e.g. fabrics and paper.

Further processing methods are possible, e.g. sewing, folding, stamping, cutting and so much more!

We think you’ll also be interested in: Organoid® Translucent Self-Adhesive and Organoid® PURE.


Thanks to a low minimum order amount of just a few m² in addition to the high degree of customisation (e.g. leaves from your own garden), our products are perfect for even the smallest of projects .

Naturally, we’re also prepared for large projects with dimensions of several thousand square metres. We’ll ensure your order is fulfilled precisely to exact specifications of surface quality ensured by consistent quality control measures employing 40 different parameters.


Natural surfaces and effective sound absorption complement one another in four ORGANOID products: Acoustic non-woven fabrics, Absorber Panels, Picture Absorbers and Slot Absorbers.

The acoustic panels can be hung from the ceiling and may be applied liberally to ceilings and walls or used as decorative elements for furniture, doors and walls.


With Organoid® Translucent Self-Adhesive and Organoid® PURE, we are able to offer two products with custom definable translucencies for light planning.

These products can be used, e.g. as lampshades or LED surface lighting, or as glare protection in combination with glass.


Thanks to their flexibility and malleability, our natural surfaces can also be applied to 3D moulds. We deliver cover layers for plywood and compressed wood, as well as natural non-woven fabrics with Organoid surfaces for direct reshaping.

Our surfaces can also be used in injection moulds. Upon request, we produce solidly constructed 3D moulded parts featuring a variety of natural materials.

Our Philosophy: Sustainability in every aspect!

See! Feel! Smell! Experience!

Our Vision

In today’s increasingly technologically demanding and fast-paced world, our hope is that people will more frequently come into contact with natural materials to renew the bonds between people and the natural environment.

Our Mission

Through the use of untreated natural plant parts, which have largely retained their original appearance, feel and fragrance during our production processes, we are able to bring the outdoors into interior spaces as well as the fresh smells and positive associations of nature.

Our Value System

As an ambitious, young Tyrolean company, we believe in positive relations between employees, partners, suppliers and customers.

Natural Raw Materials

It is our goal to make use of raw materials sourced from organic farms in addition to repurposing the by-products of food production or the agroindustry. By collaborating with farmers from the Kaunergrat Nature Park, we source the very best Alpine hay and flower petals directly from our neighbours. Whenever possible, we work with regional partners from the local community with short, environmentally responsible delivery distances.

Our Company

At our facility in the Tyrolean Alps, we work with care and proven
methods to ensure quality. As a climate-neutral operation, we supply our factory with 100% green power and compensate for unavoidable emissions in cooperation with our project partner ClimatePartner.
Our binding agents are free of solvents, plasticizers, and all dyes and artificial fragrances.

Natural Beauty – Is at a Natural Advantage!

The natural beauty of our surfaces comes from nature itself. Nature is the best designer and we do our part with technical know-how and skill so that nature is also present in interior spaces.

We’re on the right track: Numerous awards and positive feedback from clients give us confidence. Join us!

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