Organoid Natural Surfaces

Enjoy the unique aroma of hand-cut alpine hay, growing 1700 m above sea level on the steep slopes of Wildspitz - the highest peak in Tyrol. Made with love, detail by detail, Organoid® organic surfaces enchant the home and bring the purity and simplicity of the mountain indoors!


ORGANOID® is an Austrian company specializing in the production of decorative facing surfaces made of organic materials - hay, lavender, wheat, rose blossom, wool, birch leaves, bark and others. Each of these materials is pressed on the basis of patented technology, preserving the natural appearance, color and aroma of the source material.

Facing surfaces can be manufactured on different types of support substrates or purchased in pure form without base (ORGANOID® Pure). Variants for load-bearing base can be HPL laminate, wallpaper, thick or translucent self-adhesive films, textiles, HDF or cork flooring systems, acoustic panels.

Organic boards are delivered ready for interior use. If the requirements for their resistance to abrasion or moisture are higher, they can be additionally sealed with conventional oils and varnishes. It is also possible to seal the panels with epoxy resin.

The current program for 2019 maintains a range of 20 different types and structures of organic surfaces. Customized and customized surfaces can be produced and customized.

"Organoid's organic bioplanes are embodiment of biophilic design. Organic materials awaken the senses - one can see, feel and enjoy the aroma of the natural elements used in these multifunctional surfaces, and thus feel better and healthier in the space they inhabit.

Jessica McNowton, president of CaraGreen.


Learn about one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to bring nature into your home and make it an integral part of the beauty of your interior.

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The portfolio includes a wide range of solutions suitable for the purposes of each project - from wallpaper, through floor panels, to acoustic panels and more.

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Consider a number of examples of the unique effect of the application of solutions in the series in interiors in homes, offices, hotels and retail space.

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