Copper sinks information

Our copper sinks are hand-forged in Mexico, where the tradition of producing these unique products dates back centuries. They are covered with a protective layer of patina, which makes them durable and practical in everyday use. Each sink is distinguished by its delicate patterns, obtained by precision hammer forging. Silver-trimmed sinks are finished with real silver, adding extra sparkle and sophistication.

The hand-forged copper sinks are made in Mexico, following traditions that have been passed down through the generations. These sinks are not only aesthetically appealing, but also extremely strong and practical. They are covered with a protective layer of patina that protects the copper and preserves its beauty over the years. The delicate pattern of small details in the structure of the coating (like scales) visible in the photos is the result of the precise hammer forging, which gives a unique appearance to each sink.

Copper sinks with silver ornamentation are particularly impressive, thanks to the finishing layer of real silver. This element adds sophistication and shine, making each sink a unique work of art. Silver ornaments not only enhance the look, but also add a luxurious and functional accent to any bathroom.

Copper sinks are ideal for those who value uniqueness and tradition combined with modern durability and practicality. Whether hand-forged or silver-trimmed, our copper sinks will add style and elegance to any space.