Luxury wallpapers

A wide variety of luxury wallpapers for spectacular decoration of interiors in the home, office, shopping areas, restaurants, hotels, etc. The series includes a wide range of designer Italian wallpapers. Thanks to the diverse solutions in the StyroDesign portfolio, everyone can find unique wallpapers at affordable prices.

With us, you will find a wide range of decorative luxury wallpapers in a variety of styles and trends in interior design. From designer wallpapers with floral motifs, classic damask and bourgeois patterns, to modern design solutions - we offer a solution for every taste.

So whether you want to recreate the aristocracy of Italian interior design trends dating back centuries or to shape modern and contemporary spaces, our range of luxury wallpapers has the answer for you.

The selection of designer wallpapers has been specially selected by our team after a careful survey of the best solutions from the Italian leaders in interior design. The models in our range have been repeatedly honored with awards at the highest level and are created according to the most modern trends in the industry.

Thanks to the cooperation with leading designers worldwide, through our range of premium wallpapers you have access to the most modern, creative and up-to-date solutions.

The luxury wallpaper portfolio includes:

Luxury wallpapers from Italy

The wallpapers in the series represent a special selection from among the preferred solutions of leading Italian interior design studios. In the portfolio of wallpaper you will find solutions in classic and modern styles - from Rococo, Renaissance and Baroque, to Art Deco, Modernism, etc.

Produced with extreme attention to detail, these decorative luxury wallpapers offer the perfect solution for creating an unconventional mood, always combined with refined taste.

Pearlescent effect, damasks, brocades, velvets, sumptuous silks, floral motifs, simple and complex patterns and reliefs - each series comes with its own individual character. Our luxurious wallpapers are the most direct way to experience the sophistication and artistry typical of contemporary Italian interior design. The airiness of each model will make each room leave a lasting impression on the minds of its visitors.

The designer wallpapers are designed and produced in Italy and recreate the daring approach and creativity of the country's leading interior designers.


Each of the luxury wallpaper series is produced using a special technology based on fine relief embossing directly on the wallpaper base. The technology can recreate even the most complex designs with details down to 1 mm. Technologies such as rotogravure and roto-screen printing are used to print the wallpapers. The result is luxurious wallpapers that are extremely fine, bright, detailed, pleasant to the touch and pleasing to the eye. Today, they delight users in over 87 countries around the world.

The wallpapers meet leading European quality standards such as UNI EN 233:1999, UNI EN 259-1:2001 and many others.