Advantages of KRAFT LED lighting over standard LED suspended ceiling lighting

Get to know the main differences between quality LED lighting for suspended ceilings and budget solutions available on the market. The advantages of the former consist of a number of factors, among which better quality of manufacture, more efficient distribution of light, as well as the absence of vibrations.

Main differences between KRAFT LED lighting and standard LED lighting for suspended ceilings

Externally, most LED lighting for suspended ceilings looks the same, but the truth is that its effectiveness cannot be judged by its appearance. Also, the price difference can be up to several tens of BGN. However, with the help of the following few tips, you will know how to choose the best and cost-effective choice.

KRAFT LED lighting
Budget model of LED lighting - lamp or panel
1. Quality of the LED crystal
The leading manufacturers of LED crystals once a year and even more often produce a new generation of LED crystals, which is more efficient than the previous one by 10-15%. This effectively lowers the price of previous models. Manufacturers of cheap lighting fixtures take advantage of this by installing outdated, lower efficiency LED crystals. The difference in efficiency between 3-4 generations can reach up to 40%. And by appearance it is impossible to determine the generation of the LED crystal.
1. Latest generation LED crystals
2. Proven manufacturer
3. Certified quality

1. Technologically outdated LED crystals
2. Lack of certification


KRAFT LED lighting
Budget model of LED lighting - lamp or panel
2. Heat dissipation efficiency
Effective dissipation – LED crystals work within normal temperature limits.


Ineffective distraction. LED crystals operate at elevated levels.



In the example on the left (A), the LEDs are located on four sides of the LED panel, while on the example on the right (B) - on two sides. The first arrangement allows the installation of more LEDs (240 in the example). On panel B (so that the luminous flux is not lower than panel A), we must put the maximum possible number of LEDs per unit length (in the example 180 pcs.) It turns out that 60 crystals lie on one side of lamp A and 90 crystals lie on lamp B.
The aluminum frame on which the LEDs are fixed is at the same time a radiator that diverts the heat released during operation to the surrounding space. In this case, the temperature load on one side of the frame in luminaire B is 1,5 times higher. And this affects the rate of degradation of LEDs - at elevated temperatures, they burn out faster and lose their original qualities.

For KRAFT LED lighting fixtures, a 600 mm long profile contains 84 LEDs. This value allows maximizing the light output, and the length of the profile is sufficient for efficient heat removal and providing LED crystals with a comfortable temperature regime.


KRAFT LED lighting
Budget model of LED lighting - lamp or panel

3. Diffuser material
The diffuser can be made of acrylic or polycarbonate.

The main properties of lighting acrylic: high surface hardness, high transparency, good optical quality. It has a long service life, is resistant to UV radiation and atmospheric influences.
Standard polycarbonate is not suitable for applications with prolonged exposure to UV radiation. When this happens, the optical (turbidity, yellowing) and mechanical (brittleness) properties of the material change.

In the KRAFT LED lamps, the diffuser is made of Samsung lighting acrylic.


Diffuser made of acrylic.

Polycarbonate diffuser.


KRAFT LED lighting
Budget model of LED lighting - lamp or panel
4. Driver
The cost of the driver is a significant part of the cost of the entire lamp. In expensive lamps, drivers are used with transformers and input-output filters, which provides constant current. Cheap drivers use the simplest circuit with resistors.
The transformer provides electrical protection - in case of failure, the primary winding burns out and the current does not go any further. Cheap drivers do not have transformers, so there is a high probability that the current will go to the ceiling structure.
1. There is a transformer
2. Presence of filters for input and output voltage
3. Absence of stroboscopic effect
4. Electrical safety
KRAFT LED driver

1. There is no transformer.
2. No filters.
3. The apparent lack of jitter is achieved by speeding up the pulses. Distinctive lighting effect.
4. In the event of a fault current may flow to the ceiling structure.

Driver circuit without transformer and filters
Lamps with a cheap driver have flicker. They are not visible to the naked eye, but when you put the phone camera on the lamp, the flicker is clearly visible.
This leads to the fact that during a long stay in a room with such lighting, fatigue in a person's eyes increases significantly; headache and other unpleasant symptoms are possible. In lighting fixtures with a quality driver, this effect is absent, and therefore they are absolutely safe.