LED lamps and suspended ceiling lighting

The series of LED lamps and suspended ceiling lighting completes the effect of choosing with our suspended ceilings. Thus, you can choose a complete solution that does not limit you in the choice of suitable lighting, as well as where to place it. The variety of options we offer ensures that your suspended ceiling will be able to meet your individual requirements and that its lighting will be located where it has the greatest functional and aesthetic importance.

7 principles for ideal lighting for a suspended ceiling

Manufacturers of lighting systems offer a fairly wide range of LED lamps and lighting fixtures for suspended ceilings. Although for the most part they are not a bad choice, the truth is that no one understands the specifics of suspended ceilings better than their manufacturers. In the course of communication with architects, builders, customers, we began to understand what qualities they would like to see in the lighting system of their suspended ceiling. Based on the collected information, we built the ideal concept for LED lamps and lighting for suspended ceilings.

According to these principles, the development and testing of the KRAFT LED lighting system took place over five years. And today we can already offer you the ideal choice for LED lamps and lighting for suspended ceilings.



The LED lamp must be light and designed for installation directly on a suspended ceiling.
Justification: the suspended ceiling is designed to support only the weight of its own structure. According to European standards, a lamp weighing more than 250 g must have a separate suspension.
Advantage: save on the purchase of additional installation accessories. You also save man-hours for their additional installation, especially for larger areas.



The light fixture must be able to be mounted on a T-shaped ceiling system, open cell ceilings, linear strip ceilings, etc.
Justification: Some lighting fixtures are only suitable for certain types of suspended ceilings. For example, square raster lamps or LED panels with dimensions of 600x600 mm are installed in a T-shaped ceiling system. For a ceiling with an open lattice structure, the lamps are manufactured according to the size of the ceiling cell.
Advantage: You can choose any type of suspended ceiling without thinking about what lighting will fit. This also helps when renewing the lighting system in already finished rooms.


Place of installation

The light fixture must be able to be installed in any section of the suspended ceiling.
Justification: Many lighting fixtures require special site preparation. For this reason, it is necessary to place the lamps not where you want, but where the parameters of a particular ceiling allow.
Advantage: You can place the light fixture on any ceiling and exactly where you want.



The LED lamps and lighting you choose should be cost-effective.
Justification: Suspended ceilings are usually installed in large premises with a work schedule of 12 or more hours per day - shopping centers, shops, office centers, hospitals, schools, etc. In such cases, saving energy is especially important.



The selected LED lamps and lighting for the suspended ceilings must have high technical and lighting characteristics.
Justification: the performance of the luminaire must be at least at the level of the best models on the market.



The lighting fixture must be reliable, durable and maintenance-free.
Justification: Reliability and durability mean reduced costs for replacing and renewing the lighting system (eg protection against surges, short circuits, etc.). This also saves costs for ongoing maintenance of the equipment.



The light fixture must be safe.
Justification: Lighting fixtures must be safe for both service personnel and visitors. This includes protection against electric shock, no ripple and no stroboscopic effect, no UV radiation, no harmful emissions, etc.