Cube suspended ceiling

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Cube suspended ceiling – a completely new interpretation of suspended ceiling design

The solutions in the suspended ceiling series from StyroDesign are characterized by their unique functionality. They are designed with a cube-shaped rail for easy and convenient installation, while combining all the advantages of classic suspended ceilings, as well as ceilings with T-shaped profiles and those with open installation.
Rail suspended ceilings are also characterized by a number of functional advantages. First of all, they are a perfect solution for incorporating a variety of lighting fixtures to emphasize the accents in the room. In addition, they allow you to significantly enhance the visual effect of lengthening or expanding individual rooms. Thanks to the assortment of sizes and a wide palette of colors, a huge number of original design solutions can be created. Last but not least, the mounting system also allows fixing around oval surfaces and elements.
Suspended ceilings can also act as interior or facade panels, as they are accompanied by a 3-year corrosion warranty.
The design of suspended ceilings guarantees easy access to the ceiling itself and the space above the details, while also helping to particularly effectively conceal any communications, cables and other accessories. Rail suspended ceilings are fire-safe and do not interfere with the operation of fire extinguishing and ventilation systems.
Thanks to the built-in cube rail, the installation of these suspended ceilings is much easier than their classic alternatives. In addition, once fixed, they do not require serious maintenance.
Rail ceilings can be installed in any public premises: shops, shopping centers, stations, airports, schools, hospitals, catering establishments, hotels, educational institutions, offices, etc.

Features of the cube rail design

Color Base detail colors include: RAL 9003 (white), RAL 9005 (black), RAL 9006 (metallic grey), RAL 7024 (graphite grey), RAL 8017 (chocolate). They can also be painted in any color on the RAL scale. You can also order a suspended ceiling with a high-quality imitation of wood texture.
Material Galvanized steel with polymer coating
Fire safety Class A1 - non-flammable
Warranty 3 years

Basic colors of solutions in the cube-shaped suspended ceiling series

Base detail colors include: RAL 9003 (white), RAL 9005 (black), RAL 9006 (metallic grey), RAL 7024 (graphite grey), RAL 8017 (chocolate). They can also be painted in any color on the RAL scale. You can also order a suspended ceiling with a high-quality imitation of wood texture.

RAL 9003 (white)


RAL 9005 (black)


RAL 9006 (grey)


RAL 8017 (chocolate)


RAL 7024 (graphite)


Cubic suspended ceiling imitating wood texture

Wood always has a special place in interior design. With us, you can order a suspended ceiling that guarantees the perfect imitation of a wooden texture. Thus, you will be able to give the room a feeling of warmth, coziness and comfort. In addition, we also offer suspended ceilings with a natural texture of metal or stone.





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Complementary accessories for suspended ceilings on a rail

The series of suspended ceilings on a rail can be equipped with additional accessories to facilitate the implementation of your project. The first group of components (various connectors) can be used in both standard and designer ceilings. The second group of components includes a flexible traverse, finishing elements and accessories for a single installation of the rail, which will significantly expand the design possibilities.

Connectors and plugs for suspended ceilings

Connecting element

As a rule, a mounting rail up to 4 m long is used. Therefore, if the length of the ceiling is large, it is necessary to use connectors for the rails. They give the suspended ceiling the necessary resistance, stability and strength.

Finishing element

If the suspended ceiling is a free-hanging structure and the wall profile is not used for embedding additional elements, then the end of the rails must be closed with special plugs. They are fixed to the rail using double-sided tape.

Flexible traverse for a beautiful and broken design

With the flexible traverse, you can position the suspended ceiling rail along a curved path. Thanks to this, you can significantly expand the design possibilities of various types of suspended ceilings. The flexible traverse is a load-bearing structure that is attached to the ceiling using standard slats. It bends easily by hand and keeps its shape perfectly.

Single traverse for suspended ceiling rail with single installation

Installation of the suspended ceiling can be horizontal and vertical. This type of fastening significantly expands the possibilities of using the details to achieve complex geometric shapes.

The rails are produced in two width variations: 35 and 88 mm. The fastener is suitable for both types of rails, as its size is 35 x 88 mm. In this way, we reduce the restrictions on what rails you can mount.

This type of installation has a number of advantages compared to the standard one:

  • You can fix the rail anywhere on the ceiling or wall;
  • Unrestricted by the plane of the transverse movement - the rails can be installed at different angles to each other;
  • Flexibility – you don't have to consider the features of the traverse module as you can choose from many options;
  • Space saving – suspensions and additional crossbars are not needed;
  • Clean and minimalist look;
  • Various possibilities for creating designer and beautiful ceilings.