Lamellar suspended ceilings

A rich range of lamellar suspended ceilings with unlimited design possibilities in terms of colors, appearance and construction. The solutions are suitable for the decoration of any premises in private and public construction, as they already adorn hundreds of objects throughout Europe. See why for yourself.

Lamellar suspended ceilings: models with rectangular and plate rail

In the classical sense, a rail is a narrow and long element. Years ago, rail suspended ceilings were produced only from wood. But with the passage of time and the development of technology, models of lamellar suspended ceilings made of metal came to the fore. Today, in a number of respects, they are significantly superior to wooden ones. KRAFT Deckensysteme comes to you: cubic and plate. Both types of lamellar suspended ceiling are installed on a universal traverse with a pitch of 52 mm. And for the cube rail, custom fittings and flexible traverse are also available.

Why choose lamella suspended ceilings from StyroDesign? The entire KRAFT carrier rail is made of galvanized steel with a polymer coating, which allows us to provide a 3-year warranty against corrosion. In addition, other advantages include easy assembly and disassembly, non-flammability, the possibility of painting in any possible color on the RAL scale, as well as in wood texture.

Cube rail

The cube-shaped rail has a U-shaped profile. The width of the rail can be 35 or 88 mm, height 35-105 mm with a length of up to 6 m.

Linear rail

The plate-shaped rail is made with a flat shape, and its end is bent in the form of an L- or Z-profile.

How do lamella suspended ceilings differ from other types? A few design ideas

The most important difference between lamellar and other types of suspended ceilings (eg acoustic ceilings of T-shaped profiles or cassette suspended ceilings) is the unlimited design possibilities. Here you can freely experiment with various parameters including height, width, length, pitch, color, etc. See several interesting examples of the effect of the application of solutions in the lamella suspended ceiling series in our gallery.

For what purposes are lamellar suspended ceilings best suited?

The solutions in the lamellar suspended ceiling series are characterized by their universal application. They come into use for the decoration of both commercial premises and private homes, in rooms with a high level of humidity, outdoors, etc. In other words, they can be applied anywhere. Our lamellar suspended ceilings are the preferred solution for hundreds of properties in Europe, including:

– airports
– metro stations
– shopping and entertainment centers
– shops
– cafes, restaurants
– hotels
- conference rooms
– offices
– sports clubs
– gas stations

Designer lamellar suspended ceiling in a shopping center in Kyiv