Kitchen sinks information

A wide range of handmade Italian kitchen sinks to achieve a unique effect in the interior. Choosing this type of sinks for your project guarantees the design of kitchens in a unique Sicilian style, remaining in the minds of visitors from the very first moment. The sinks combine beauty with durability to ensure that your kitchen will retain its unique appearance for decades.

The series offers a wide range of handmade kitchen sinks from the Santo Stefano di Camastra and Caltagirone regions in Italy. The models reveal their Sicilian origins at first glance: made in accordance with centuries-old tradition, in a completely unique Mediterranean style.

The solutions in this series are made by a family artisan workshop that has been creating handmade washbasins and sinks for decades, producing the first model as far back as 1982. The style of the artists producing these sinks combines the Sicilian tradition of ceramic production with modern quality. Italian sinks are perfectly suited for built-in countertops and are a product of applied art, impressive with their unique shape, color, massiveness, glaze finish or fine network of cracks obtained in the crack firing process that make each piece unique.

The production process guarantees the resistance of the sinks and wash basins to cleaning chemicals. The structure of the product is fixed at a temperature of 960 °C, and in the process of glazing with natural oxides, colorful decorations are obtained, which, after firing at a temperature of 920 °C, dazzle with the depth of their colors.