Learn more about what the solutions in the stone wallpaper series are and what the process of their production consists of. Find out more about the advantages of the series of stone wallpapers and find out what are the features of their installation and how they can help the total transformation of the premises.

The series of stone wallpapers consists of a variety of models imitating concrete, corroded metal, wood and more.

The solutions are characterized by light structure and especially easy installation. Imitating the structure of wallpaper, they come to the client in the form of rollers, ready for gluing to the wall.

The models in the direction of stone wallpapers are a particularly preferred choice for recreating a modern atmosphere and a specific industrial style both in private homes and in retail outlets, restaurants, office spaces and more.

The installation of the solutions is particularly simple and can be applied to almost all types of surfaces. The thickness of the stone wallpaper itself varies according to the model, but is usually between 1 and 3 mm thick, which in itself means that the wall gets the desired look, without at the expense of loading its construction or installation of massive panels.

The various stone wallpapers are made as an environmentally friendly material because in their production only harmless raw materials are used and the whole process is done by hand. This saves the need to use heavy machinery that releases dust and other types of pollutants into the atmosphere. Due to their light weight and compact size, the solutions are easy and convenient to transport. The final product is characterized by European fire resistance class A2.

Stone wallpaper imitating concrete are made as a two-layer material, made of fiberglass substrate and mineral finish. Unlike traditional concrete surfaces, decorative stone wallpaper are antistatic, which practically means that they significantly reduce the need for cleaning and maintenance.

The decisions that recreate authentic and industrial appearance of corten steel and corroded metal surfaces, are available in designs with smooth and rhomboid pattern. With this type of stone wallpaper, the final look is always unique and with the unevenness inherent in corroded surfaces. In this way a more realistic impact and strengthening of the desired effect is achieved.

One of the highlights of the series even recreates as accurately as possible the unique look of a traditional artisan burnt wood known in his homeland, Japan, as Yakisugi.

One of the biggest advantages of the series of wall coverings and wallpapers is that the customer can see approximately what his wall will look like before even ordering the product. The variety of ready-made solutions and colors ensure that the same concept will come to life in the room. This is usually absent in the standard procedure for shaping solid walls, as the pattern there cannot be pre-designed in its entirety.

For solutions with a certain texture, such as concrete, due to the "handmade" factor, the end result is always characterized by a special uniqueness. Thus, the textures may differ depending on the design technique, but they are always well combined and harmoniously executed to fit perfectly into the unified concept of the room.

Many designers emphasize the combination of solutions in the series of stone wallpapers with different forms of lighting, which further enhances the desired effect and improves the atmosphere in the room.