Production of plaster profiles, ornaments and decorations

With the interior plaster profiles, ornaments and decorations you bring the timeless classics into your home. Here you will find a variety of plaster profiles, including cornices, friezes, ceiling rosettes, ornaments and corner elements. And for those who are looking for something unique, we also offer production of items to individual order.

StyroDesign offers its customers and partners the opportunity to make a wide range of interior plaster profiles and plaster ornaments according to the catalog. In addition, we are ready to produce the desired details only by drawing so as to meet the individual requirements of your project.

Production of a wide range of interior gypsum profiles according to a catalog

Our portfolio has a variety of interior profiles by catalog. Gypsum elements are available in many categories including cornices, skirting boards, friezes, ceiling rosettes, frames, ornaments and much more.

The solutions cover everything from minimalist profiles with clean lines and smooth surfaces, to profiles with ornaments, grooves and beautiful ornaments.

Production of plaster profiles, ornaments and decorations to order

We are ready to respond to all who are looking for something unique and individual for their project. The production of interior gypsum profiles to order allows the most accurate execution of your task so as to achieve the interior you have always dreamed of.

For this purpose we need a drawing or image of the preferred interior profile. Subsequently, we take care of its production so that it fully meets your wishes.

The end result is beautiful and distinctive interiors with their own style.


    Where are gypsum interior profiles suitable for?

    Interior gypsum profiles are suitable for decorating many rooms, including kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, hallways, common areas and more.

    They are used in private homes, commercial areas, restaurants, public buildings and much more.

    Gypsum interior profiles usually perform two main functions, including:

    • Visual division of the walls or individual planes in the room;
    • Emphasis on specific areas (rosettes to emphasize a beautiful chandelier; cornices to emphasize the transition between walls and ceiling; ornaments and frames to emphasize fireplaces, doors and windows, etc.).

    Why plaster profiles, ornaments and decorations?

    Gypsum is a classic. It is a preferred material for interior decoration since ancient times. You can find plaster profiles and elements in a number of architectural styles around the world. In Bulgaria, to this day, the ornaments made by him are found in public buildings such as theaters and galleries, private homes such as old houses and apartments and more. Thus, thanks to its charm and long-term reliability, gypsum elements have delighted us for decades.

    Although there are many more modern materials today, this does not mean that gypsum does not have its fans. On the contrary - interior gypsum profiles and elements continue to be one of the most sought after on the market. This is due to a number of advantages, including:

    • Light and strong material;
    • Create beautiful and clear lines;
    • Fast and trouble-free installation;
    • Long-term reliability.