Styrodesign’s interior profiles offer a complete assortment of classic to modern friezes for walls, ceilings and floors. With their help, for a short time, you can give a completely new character to each room. Separately or in combination, they create multiple variants for mood and originality. In this way, they become a source of inspiration and creativity without borders.The profiles are with perfectly precise and correct contours and a very elegant look with a minimalist design. They are suitable for any kind of home and public premises (living rooms, bathrooms, corridors, kitchens, offices, shops, etc.).They are made of impact and water resistant HDPS polymer with very high density, which can be fully recycled. This makes the profiles extremely rigid and resistant to heavy impacts and high mechanical loadings. For this reason, they can be used not only as floor baseboards, but also as frames around doors and windows.The installation of the sills is extremely easy, after which they can be painted with both oil and water-soluble paints. They can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.