The series of decorative lattices, textures and panels covers a wide variety of beautiful and exquisite decorative elements capable of transforming any facade or interior beyond recognition. Made of various materials, including Duralmond, HDFOAM and MDF, the creative solutions are characterised by particularly light weight, resistance to aggressive weather conditions and mechanical pressure, as well as simple and straightforward installation, even for hobby enthusiasts.

Nowadays, it takes more than bright colors in order for a facade to stand out. On the contrary, the minimalist and monochromatic facades in a number of situations can stand out far more vividly. To make this possible, architects and designers rely on decoration with elements that provide shape and depth to the surfaces. This is exactly the case with the decorative lattices, textures and panels in StyroDesign’s portfolio. The elements in the series are a perfect tool for ensuring the beautiful and spectacular transformation of the exterior of residential buildings, shopping centers, hotel complexes, public buildings, etc.

No different is the situation with the interior. With the help of the decorative lattices, textures and panels, the premises in the home, office or public areas can be transformed beyond recognition. In combination with architectural profiles, lighting fixtures and various 3D shapes and forms, the elements provide an unlimited range of possibilities to recreate any design trends and architectural styles.

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