Learn more about the solutions in the series of decorative paneling and MDF cladding, how they are produced and where they are used.

One of the most common and preferred means of interior design is decorating the walls with wood paneling and MDF cladding.

Decorative paneling and MDF cladding fit into a variety of styles, including modernist concepts, classic design ideas, country projects, rustic or vintage style and more. Through skillful handling of shapes, this type of solution allows the design of 3D walls - a preferred element in more futuristic and unconventional ideas in the design of the premises.

What the solutions in the series have in common is that they remove the limitations of your creativity. No matter the complexity of the idea, we will make sure that each concept comes to life on your wall.

Why decorative paneling and MDF facing?

Decorative paneling and MDF cladding occupy a worthy place in modern residential and office areas, as they provide an excellent alternative to natural wood. At the same time, the solutions are far more affordable, easy to install, and most importantly - with a significantly smaller negative impact on nature. In addition, the variety of models is not inferior to traditional wood panels as it most accurately recreates the color and texture of the desired wood.

The main role of the solutions in the StyroDesign series of decorative paneling is to form an aesthetically pleasing visual border and to add relief to the wall. Very often they are also used to shape entire 3D walls, consisting of various embossed panels or decorative paneling, covering the entire length of the wall.

Thus, with their help, even an ordinary wall can get the feeling of depth and relief, without taking away from its realistic and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

What models of decorative paneling and MDF cladding we offer?

StyroDesign's portfolio covers several different areas of decorative paneling and MDF cladding. Including. include:

Classic paneling

Classic paneling is a preferred solution for all types of projects and premises - from homes in a classic style, to restaurants, hotel lobbies, lounge areas, office space and more. With their help an effective visual differentiation of the individual levels of the walls is achieved. They can be used both for partial decoration and for performing entire accent walls.

Paneling can be manufactured entirely according to customer requirements for shape, size, color and texture. For those who do not have a ready-made concept, we also offer a rich gallery of examples of inspiration.

Embossed paneling and 3D walls

Embossed paneling is a preferred way to design modern and aesthetically pleasing rooms. With their help you can break the standard vision of surfaces in one plane and enhance the modern feeling in the room.

The production of embossed paneling does not place limits on your creativity. We can produce any shape and relief, regardless of its complexity and detail.

Modern cladding

The series includes an unlimited range of options for decorating entire walls and parts of the room, as well as individual furniture and furniture components. For example, everyone can easily and seamlessly decorate wardrobe doors, front doors, lockers, accent areas in the room and more.

The claddings are made to individual order according to the customer's wishes with the ability to customize color, size, texture and other key characteristics.

Parametric facings

The direction is suitable for the implementation of futuristic and modern concepts in interior design. Thanks to the endless possibilities for personalization of every detail, the projects can easily stand out and the premises can be imprinted in the minds of their visitors.

Where are the solutions in the series of decorative paneling and MD applicable?F facing?

Wall panels and MDF cladding are very popular in modern design and are mainly used for interior decoration. Decorative paneling can be used for projects of any type, including:

  • Living spaces - dining rooms, bedrooms, corridors, offices;
  • Office space - meeting rooms, shared workspaces;
  • Hotel complexes - rooms, apartments, common areas, conference halls, lobbies, relaxation areas;
  • Targovishte parts - restaurants, bars, shops, showrooms and more.

Thanks to the variety of options and different models of MDF cladding and decorative paneling you can create an original interior without restrictions on its purpose.

Work on individual order

Solutions are custom made according to the individual characteristics of your project so as to meet each of your expectations. In this way we provide flexible solutions for every taste and budget. The huge range of possible models, as well as the variety of colors and reliefs practically means that we can turn any concept into reality.

If you still find it difficult to choose the right concept, our site also offers a rich gallery of examples. All you have to do is choose what you like, and we will take care of the rest.

StyroDesign provides an unlimited variety of options that can meet the requirements of every taste and tailored to the needs of even the most specific projects. The rich set of 3D wall concepts in our portfolio provides everything you need to find the right solution for designing beautiful accent surfaces in your home, office, conference room, retail, villa or hotel parts.

The advantages of solutions such as decorative paneling and MDF cladding

If you choose decorative paneling and MDF cladding for your project, you will guarantee a particularly wide range of benefits that you could rarely achieve with alternative interior solutions. They include:

  • Aesthetics and completeness - each solution is characterized by a harmonious structure and smooth surface;
  • An inexhaustible range of possibilities - StyroDesign's series of decorative paneling and MDF cladding gives you inexhaustible choices of products with modern design;
  • Affordable price - Unlike natural wood panels, solutions are far cheaper;
  • Easy and fast installation - the installation of one part does not require special technical skills, but it becomes smooth, even if you are a beginner hobby enthusiast;
  • Simplified maintenance - maintenance of decorative paneling also does not require much effort and is usually limited to the need to clean dust and layers with a damp cloth;
  • Sound insulation properties - decorative paneling and MDF cladding significantly reduce the degree of sound transmission between rooms;
  • Durability - the solutions are extremely resistant to mechanical loads, which guarantees their long-term operational reliability.


How to make decorative paneling and MDF facing?

Each MDF panel begins its journey in the form of sawdust, pressed under high pressure and temperature. They produce smooth sheets of wood. Depending on the type and purpose of the MDF panel, it can be protected with different finishes. Thus, the final detail can be characterized by an embossed, smooth, glossy or matte surface according to the requirements and preferences of the customer. The most common practice is the application of polymer film, which makes decorative paneling and MDF panels resistant to mechanical pressure, shocks and other aggressors from the environment.

One of the main advantages in the production of decorative panels from MDF is that the finished details can be decorated in a variety of colors and shades.

In addition, MDF wall panels can also vary in shape and size.

The production technology ensures that, unlike natural wood, where cracks and knots are often observed, the surface of MDF panels is close to perfection.

Decorative paneling can be made of many other materials, including natural wood, plywood, etc .. Additionally, they are protected with special finishes that protect them from external influences and aggressors, while maintaining their long-term operational reliability.

Thanks to the production technology, the direction of decorative paneling and MDF panels allows all shapes and structures to come to life on the walls, "breaking" the traditional vision of the premises.