The direction with solutions from decorative Scandinavian moss provides a wide range of options for interior decoration in homes, offices, shopping malls, hotel parts and more. Get acquainted with the proposals from our range and learn what are the advantages of decorative Scandinavian moss in landscaping.


The wall coverings and paintings of decorative moss are made of natural Scandinavian moss, mounted on a supporting pad. The laborious pre-treatment process makes the moss durable over time without requiring any maintenance.

This form of indoor landscaping not only has a relaxing effect and relieves visual fatigue, but also has a noise-canceling effect, absorbing and reducing the sound in the room.

Installations of decorative Scandinavian moss find a variety of applications, regardless of whether it is covering entire walls or installation in the form of a picture or panel. They are an extremely desirable element in the interior and beautify many living, sleeping and dining rooms, giving a "natural touch" to a number of conference halls, spa centers, hotel lobbies, casinos, etc. They actively help purify the air in them and thus contribute to a healthier life. [...]



Learn more about one of the most popular means of interior landscaping and what are its advantages in the design of aesthetically pleasing premises.

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Get acquainted with the variety of art installations and decorative panels with different colors and designs, as well as the possibility to work on individual orders.

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Installation products

Detailed instructions that will allow you to ensure quick, easy and trouble-free installation of art installations of decorative Scandinavian moss.

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Get ideas from already completed projects and rediscover the potential of decorative Scandinavian moss in the design of sustainable and beautiful rooms.

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