Learn more about the material from which the Duralmond decorative textures and cassette ceiling are produced. Find out how easily and conveniently you can recreate any shapes and reliefs, typical for the natural landscapes and the different styles of architecture. The solutions in the series are renowned for their long-lasting operational reliability, durability, ageing resistance and UV-rays and most importantly – easy and seamless installation.

Duralmond’s series of decorative textures and cassette ceilings are made of composite material, created by a combination of synthetic and vegetable resins with crushed almond shells. Thus, by taking a plant waste product, we form extremely beautiful, detailed, biodegradable and recyclable design materials of high ecological value. The final product is characterised by a particularly light structure, varying density and low weight. The material is mimetic or, in other words, takes the shape and texture of the mold in which it is poured with perfect accuracy. The material also has an adequate behaviour under fire conditions confirmed by European certification values CS2, d0.

Depending on the density in which it is made, the material is characterised by varying degrees of resistance to mechanical aggressors. For example, high-density textures are entirely shock- and abrasion-resistant, while those with lower density combine strength and lighter weight.

The decorative textures and cassette ceilings can also be produced on demand according to the requirements of the client. For example, the solutions can be made in a diverse structure and vision such as natural (directly after removal from the mold and without the finish layer), treated with white primer, matte or glossy varnish, with a finish layer imitating wood, metal, and more.

The Duralmond decorative textures and cassette ceilings are suitable for both interior and exterior applications. The materials’ resistance to moisture and water makes them a suitable choice for use in bathrooms and wet rooms. The resistance of the Duralmond material to UV-rays and aggressive atmospheric conditions, makes them ideal solutions for facade decoration. The materials aren’t affected by variable temperatures, precipitation, mechanical particles, industrial gases and other aggressors typical for the exterior surfaces. That way, they retain their long-lasting operational reliability and perfect appearance. As for the internal application, it is important to note that the solutions are an ideal choice for both home and heavily loaded commercial areas, office spaces, hotel complexes, public buildings, etc. The decorative elements are resistant to friction, pressure, discoloration, occurrence of spots, contact marks and any other aggressors typical for the busy interior spaces.

The solutions in the series have a number of interesting applications. First of all, they contribute to the creative and effective decoration of interiors and facades in a variety of geometric shapes. Furthermore, due to the polymerisation and micropores it creates, the Duralmond details also serve perfectly as a heat- and sound insulation element. They are also characterised by their anti-reverbation properties (unlike echoes, reverberation is a continuous reflection of sound waves in an enclosed room or a naturally limited space). In addition, the lightweight structure of the materials helps the long-term service reliability decreasing the load placed on the surfaces where they are mounted.

It can be said that the decorative textures and cassette ceilings carry the magic of shapes and reliefs into the world of standard and gray facades. They are a modern, different and easy way of transferring color and design, breaking the traditional way the surfaces look. They can be produced in any shade of the color diagrams RAL, NCS and PANTONE in matte or gloss. Typical for the solutions in the series are their beautiful and unconventional geometric shapes, helping to achieve a depth effect. Thus, the walls and ceilings in the premises, as well as the facades of the buildings can be transformed beyond recognition.

The decorative textures and cassette ceilings are a preferred solution for recreating shapes and designs known from the traditional, minimalist and avant-garde decoration for shaping elegant, innovative and special spaces.

The installation of the details is quick, easy and seamless. Once the decorative textures and cassette ceiling have been installed, they do not need any additional maintenance other than periodic cleaning of the dust. That way, each home owner can guarantee for himself a maximum effect with a minimal effort.