We present to you an innovative collection of the Duralmond decorative lattices and dividing panels. The products in the series are available in the form of large panels, suitable for use in both interior and exterior areas. They are suitable for embossing and depth, for separation of rooms, for filtering the sunlight and for all purposes of the creative decoration of interiors and exteriors. They are also available in a variant made of MDF, which is suitable only for internal installations.


The Duralmond series of decorative lattices and dividing panels are made of a composite material, created as a combination of synthetic and vegetable resins with crushed almond shells. Thus, by taking a plant waste product, we can form extremely beautiful, detailed, biodegradable and recyclable design materials of high ecological value. The final product is characterised by a particularly lightweight structure and low weight. The material is mimetic or, in other words, takes the shape and texture of the mold in which it pours with perfect accuracy.

The lattices have a number of properties. They have high durability, low weight and are characterised by anti-reverbation properties (unlike echoes, reverberation is a prolonged reflection of sound waves in a closed room or a naturally limited space).

The decorative elements are suitable for interior and exterior application. The solutions are an ideal choice for use both in the home and in very busy commercial areas, office spaces, hotel complexes, public buildings, etc. The resistance of the material to UV-rays, moisture and aggressive atmospheric conditions turns the models in the series into ideal solutions for facade decoration.

Decorative lattices and dividing panels are a modern, different and easy way to carry color and design, breaking the traditional surface view. They can be produced in any shade of the color diagrams: RAL, NCS and PANTONE in mate or gloss. Typical for the solutions in the series are their beautiful and unconventional geometric shapes, helping to achieve a depth effect. Thus, the walls and ceilings in the premises, as well as the facades of the buildings can be transformed beyond recognition. Decorative lattices and dividing panels are a preferred solution for recreating shapes and textures known from traditional, minimalist and avant-garde decoration for shaping elegant, innovative and special spaces.

The installation of the details is quick, easy and seamless. Once the lattices and dividing panels have been installed, they do not need any additional maintenance other than cleaning out the dust periodically.


The solutions in the decorative lattices and dividing panels series are made of three types of materials – Duralmond, MDF and HDFOAM.

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Explore the product range of ready-made solutions and discover the decorative lattices and dividing panels which are in harmony with your project's needs.

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Get acquainted with the unique effect of the application of the decorative lattices and dividing panels series in homes, offices, commercial areas, and more.

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