Wood is one of the most preferred materials for home decoration. Wood materials are present in one form or another in almost every direction of interior design. One of the most preferred forms of weaving wood in the interior is the popular wooden mosaic. The series of solutions in the field of wooden mosaic includes a variety of options, handmade from different types of wood, with a variety of relief, structure, pattern and colors. They are suitable for use both in the home and in heavily loaded interior areas and rooms in public and office buildings.


Oak and walnut wooden mosaics are handmade from residual wood and old wooden elements, thus having an excellent ecological balance. Each of the collections such as Memory (bleached wood), Gently (split wood), Cuts (cut wood) or Invy (rustic wood) are truly handmade unique pieces. Squares, rectangles and slats of different wood and with different formats, surfaces, designs and colors, create a unique atmosphere and remove the restrictions on the individual design of walls and rooms.


Immerse yourself in the variety of handmade elements and find the wooden mosaic that best suits the goals of your project.

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Gallery with real examples from the practice of the effect of the application of the solutions in the series of wooden mosaic in buildings of private and public construction.

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