The panels in the teak interior mosaic series are made of hand-processed and glued wooden elements from real solid wood. They allow quick, easy and clean installation with minimal waste. The production of wooden mosaic spares nature by using old wood from boats and huts. This predetermines their name - Teak second|life. The elements in the series are an ideal solution for the home, office or holiday villa, bringing the interior an idea closer to nature.


Teak second interior mosaic series|life includes unique, one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly solutions made of solid wood. The history of teak mosaics begins in Indonesia - the largest island nation in the world, with more than 17 islands. Wooden boats are mainly used to move the population between the different parts of the country. For this reason, there is a particularly high concentration of old wooden vessels. The same applies to the large number of old fishing wooden huts and houses. In short - Indonesia is home to a huge amount of old timber. Why then endanger nature and cut down its vegetation, when we can make an effort and create something beautiful from the old tree?

This is how the idea for the Teak second teak mosaic series was born|life. As neither freshly felled trees nor trees from plantations are used for the production, the used wood gets a chance for second use and life, and hence the name - Teak second|life. In this way, together we choose an ecological way of using natural wood resources. The use of used and recycled wood for the production of beautiful wooden mosaics for interior use is a way to significantly change the look of the premises while giving our environmentally friendly contribution.

The technology of production of teak mosaic begins with drying the material. Subsequently, it is cut into small pieces. They are carefully sorted by type and glued on a 9 mm thick sheet of high quality hydrophobic WBP plywood. The last operation is the light and fine sanding of the surface. The end result is beautiful and distinctive wooden mosaics, able to transform any interior.


Get acquainted with the models in the teak mosaic series and find the solutions that best suit the style of your project.

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The gallery of the teak mosaic series is a source of inspiration for anyone who wants to bring nature into their home.

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