The solutions in the wood decoration series combine artificial decorative details imitating natural wood, as well as mosaics of walnut, oak and teak made of recycled natural material. What they all have in common is that they provide nature-friendly, beautiful and effective design solutions for those who want to bring the authentic radiance of wood to the interior.

The solutions in the series of wooden decoration provide everything you need for those who want to harness the beauty and specific radiance of wood for interior design purposes. The elements are divided into three separate areas - imitation wood, wooden mosaic and teak mosaic. The series combines artificial materials imitating wood, as well as solutions from recycled natural wood. What they all have in common is that they protect nature and do not contribute to the destruction of such valuable timber.

The solutions in the field of wood imitation cover various design elements created from artificial material, which most accurately and realistically recreate the radiance and authentic appearance of the wood. Including. includes facade boards, decorative wooden beams, decorative siding, decorative fittings and decorative consoles. The solutions in the series are made of strong, hard and durable material, covered with a special finishing layer, thanks to which the final element does not differ in any way from the appearance of natural wood. This is how we manage to produce beautiful and long-lasting design elements that protect nature.

Even natural wood solutions are the main focus - environmentally friendly production, sparing wood stocks in nature. The solutions are united under the name second | life due to the fact that recycled natural wood is used for their production. Thus, giving him new life, we make beautiful wooden mosaics of walnut, oak and solid teak. Precisely due to the scarce supply of teak wood in nature, our solutions are such a sought-after choice for interior design according to the peculiarities of various design projects.

The solutions in the series of wooden decoration are an ideal choice for the layout of rooms in private homes, public areas, shopping malls, hotel complexes, offices and more.