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A series of decorative wooden beams and boards for the interior from StyroDesign

A series of decorative wooden beams and boards for the interior from StyroDesign

True to its desire to offer complete solutions for interior decoration, StyroDesign brings to your attention a new type of decorative solutions - wooden beams and boards for interior use in homes, offices, commercial and public areas in a variety of styles, where a unique feeling is sought, which gives the timber. Decorative wooden beams and boards are […]

A wide range of suspended ceilings and acoustic panels for your interior project

Suspended ceilings from StyroDesign

True to the mission of offering you the most innovative and functional solutions for interior design, we have expanded our product portfolio with a wide range of suspended ceilings and accessories of the world leader KRAFT. Thus, with us you can now find lamellar and grid suspended ceilings, metal panels, acoustic panels and special LED lighting for them. The range offers a wide range […]

StyroDesign expands its range for facade decoration with solutions from world leader NMC

StyroDesign now offers the NOMAWOOD® wooden facade decoration series of the Belgian sector leader NMC on the Bulgarian market. The line includes dozens of products, including facade panels, window coverings, garden gates and fences, furniture and equipment for spa areas, benches and garden pots, and more. The solutions are available in dozens of colors and a variety of sizes. The advantages […]

The series of interior profiles of StyroDesign has expanded with more than 200 new solutions

Over 200 new solutions in the StyroDesign series of interior profiles

As a leader in the production and supply of interior design solutions, StyroDesign aims to constantly update its portfolio of interior profiles with fresh offerings. It is for this reason that we have enriched our product portfolio with new, high-quality solutions from NMC, a proven manufacturer on the global market. With the rich range of solutions each one – be it […]

Graffiti remover - the easiest and most affordable way to clean the facade of graffiti

Removing graffiti from a wall

Although quite unpleasant, the problem of cleaning graffiti from a wall and removing paint from the facade is very common. The reason is that drawings and inscriptions on the walls of public and residential buildings, houses, statues and monuments are rarely the result of consent, but rather of vandalism. In addition, graffiti removal is complex and […]

Inspiration for interior designers - how the Organoid© series of organic wallpaper and wall coverings transformed a Swiss restaurant

Inspiration for interior designers - how the Organoid© series of organic wallpaper and wall coverings transformed a Swiss restaurant

The Organoid© series of organic wallpapers and coverings is the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of interior designers aiming to bring the concept of biophilic design into the premises. Biophilic design aims to bring us closer to the primal - something extremely important and increasingly difficult to access in our hectic everyday life. Even if some of us manage to spend a few […]

Restoration of buildings-monuments of culture with architectural profiles

Restoration of heritage buildings with StyroDesign architectural profiles

The process of restoration of buildings-monuments of culture is often considered a complex or even overwhelming task due to the many accompanying features. But with the help of StyroDesign architectural profiles, in combination with the service of scanning facades before their restoration, the whole process becomes easy and hassle-free for the contractor. And the professional quality is guaranteed by the many successful […]

A series of solutions with decorative moss and preserved plants for decoration - from the Scandinavian tundras to the rooms of the home

Interior solutions with decorative moss and preserved flowers for decoration

The solutions in the decorative Scandinavian moss series are one of the most preferred means of creating beautiful eco and green interiors in the StyroDesign portfolio. The reason for this is due to the many advantages that decorative moss brings to the layout of the interior, namely: Completely natural character; An extremely functional solution for interior design; A beautiful and fresh look in […]

Wall paneling and MDF cladding - beautiful, affordable and with a number of advantages

Decorative wall paneling

Decorative wall paneling and wall MDF cladding are one of the most common and preferred means of interior design. They allow you to turn a simple and seemingly simple interior into something that remains a lasting memory in the mind. In short, if you opt for decorative wall paneling or MDF cladding for your project, you guarantee: Aesthetics […]

Why the protective coating of facade profiles should be painted

The beauty and effect of decorating a building with different facade profiles and ornaments are the result of a combination of factors, including the shape and geometry of the elements, their color and structure and last but not least - the integrity of their coating. A profile should look equally good, both from a distance of 2 meters and in […]