The place for all the latest articles and information materials prepared by the optical experts in the StyroDesign team. Here you will learn everything you need about decorative profiles, the materials from which they are made, new technologies and conveniences in working with them.

A series of solutions with decorative moss and preserved plants for decoration - from the Scandinavian tundras to the rooms of the home

Interior solutions with decorative moss and preserved flowers for decoration

The solutions in the decorative Scandinavian moss series are one of the most preferred means of creating beautiful eco and green interiors in the StyroDesign portfolio. The reason for this is due to the many advantages that decorative moss brings to the layout of the interior, namely: Completely natural character; An extremely functional solution for interior design; A beautiful and fresh look in […]

Wall paneling and MDF cladding - beautiful, affordable and with a number of advantages

Decorative wall paneling

Decorative wall paneling and wall MDF cladding are one of the most common and preferred means of interior design. They allow you to turn a simple and seemingly simple interior into something that remains a lasting memory in the mind. In short, if you opt for decorative wall paneling or MDF cladding for your project, you guarantee: Aesthetics […]

Why the protective coating of facade profiles should be painted

The beauty and effect of decorating a building with different facade profiles and ornaments are the result of a combination of factors, including the shape and geometry of the elements, their color and structure and last but not least - the integrity of their coating. A profile should look equally good, both from a distance of 2 meters and in […]

Plaster profiles and decorations and what makes them so popular to this day

To this day, when we notice beautiful architectural elements in an interior, the first association is always that these are plaster profiles and decorations. Although today there are a number of more modern materials for making interior ornaments, plaster profiles remain a classic and often the preferred solution. In this article, we look at what actually turns gypsum profiles into something […]

Corten steel and the effect of corrosion in interior design with wallpaper Heavy Roll Rost

Corten steel and the effect of corrosion in interior design with wallpaper Heavy Roll Rost

In search of a way to distinguish the premises, interior design today is increasingly fleeing from minimalism. Clean walls are no longer enough. Interiors need emphasis and distinctiveness. Dominant concepts today rely more and more on the tangible handling of colors and shapes. Styles such as fusion and industrial are increasingly present in the interiors of homes, […]

Interiors in a contemporary modern style - some ideas for beautiful and affordable rooms through interior profiles

Interior profiles from StyroDesign

Design direction, known as "contemporary style" is usually the answer to every question about the vision and aesthetics of the premises. The style is comprehensive and suitable for the design of all interiors - from modern, through minimalist, to classic. What makes it so unique then? The answer is - the individual, contemporary reading of each trend in the interior […]

Ideas for rooms in neo art deco style with interior profiles

Interior in neo art decor style with interior profiles from StyroDesign

There are styles in interior design that remain in the mind even after a single glance. A clear example of this is neo art deco. You can see it everywhere - from sophisticated restaurants, through conference rooms and modern office spaces, to homes looking for something other than ordinary bare walls. The truth about neo art deco is that [[]

Concrete wallpaper for beautiful and affordable Bauhaus-style interiors

Concrete wallpaper for Bauhaus-style interiors

The Bauhaus, one of the most popular styles in architecture and design, soon turned 100 years old. For more than a century, this style has completely changed our perception of aesthetics and beauty and convinced us that even bare walls and industrial structures have their own charm, sometimes far greater than anything around us. And if until recently the interiors in […]

How to cover the air conditioner, gutters and cables on the facade with decorative facade grilles

Decorative facade grilles for concealing air conditioning

Air conditioners, convectors, gutters, cables - these and other elements are often not installed and made with the thought of preserving the beauty of the facade. The result usually has a negative effect on the general perception of the appearance of the building. No matter how beautiful its plan is, even a small detail like the outdoor unit of the air conditioner can […]

Production of facade grilles to order - from a picture to the installation of the facade

Decorative facade grille on request

We often draw inspiration for how we want the facade and our favorite spaces to look from the internet. We like a specific idea or project in a picture and start looking for a way to make them happen. However much we seek, however, in many cases finding such a solution is a daunting task. This does not mean that […]

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