Contemporary thermal insulation solutions for construction of rustic facade

The rustic facade is both ultra-modern and very old. First the Romans, and later the builders of defense facilities in the middle Ages, were built rustic buildings and facilities. The art of the Renaissance and Baroque also does not ignore this style. In the past, rectangular stone blocks were used in the rustic structure, where […]

Decorative facade panels of EPS – the modern way to protect and decorate the facade

Декоративни фасадни панели от EPS

The facade of a building has usually two basic functions. The first is to ensure its protection against external influences, including temperature fluctuations and adverse weather conditions, maintaining a comfortable indoor climate. The second is to guarantee the aesthetic look and the beautiful appearance of the building. To ensure the successful completion of the above […]

A complex system of facade profiles and decorative elements transfigures Zsar Outlet Village in Finland

The market response about the qualities of a product is usually sufficient to make a proper assessment. But what gives a real idea of a solution and the value it can bring, are examples of its practical application. In order to demonstrate the reliability and the perfect appearance of the series of facade profiles and […]


The polyurethane is a unique facade and interior material for decorative elements. It was invented in the 1930s in Germany. This polymer combines all the best properties of the materials from which the facade decoration is traditionally made, while at the same time virtually lacks much of their disadvantages. Polyurethane is an ideal facade material […]


The plastic foam materials (polystyrene, expanded polystyrene) are one of the most cost-effective and functional solutions for the production of sculptural facade and interior decoration. The ornaments made of expanded polystyrene are many times cheaper than those made from any other type of material used to decorate facades and interiors. This is due to the […]


Polymerbeton is the generic name for polymer concrete, consisting of a dispersed fraction (sand, quartz, mineral dyes) and addition of a thermosetting binder – usually an epoxy resin, acrylic, etc. The synthetic additives in the composition of the polymer concrete give it numerous additional properties that have a favourable effect on the material quality and […]