Artistic sinks information

Made by European artists, these unique artistic sinks impress with their unique design and naturalness. Each model is an exceptional work of art that fits perfectly in both modern, designer, retro and rustic interiors. They are not only beautiful, but also functional, resistant to detergents and easy to maintain.

The series of artistic sinks in our range include a variety of different models, including:

Handmade sinks

Handmade sinks are unique and one of a kind. Each model is a work of art that adds a personal touch to any bathroom. They are ideal for both modern, retro and rustic interiors, offering a combination of functionality and aesthetics.

Artistic onyx sinks

Onyx models are extremely beautiful and impressive. These models are available in different colors such as black, green, white, gray and yellow, and add luxury and energy to any bathroom. They are not only decorative but also functional, easy to maintain and resistant to damage.


Boleslavets models are decorated with a unique stamping technique dating back to the early 19th century. These models combine useful and decorative functions, offering uniqueness and practicality. They are perfect for adding a historic and artistic accent to any bathroom.

Petrified wood and semi-precious stones

Semi-precious stones and petrified wood sinks are created for connoisseurs and nature lovers. Each model is unique and made of individual raw materials and materials, which makes them irreplaceable and unique. They add natural charm and aesthetics to any bathroom.

Semi-precious stone sinks

Semi-precious stone sinks are a beautiful and original finishing element of any bathroom. They are made from various raw materials from around the world and offer a unique composition of patterns and colors. They are not only decorative, but also functional, with high resistance and easy maintenance.

Sinks of petrified wood

Petrified wood sinks are made of a unique material that has preserved its traces from ancient times. Each model is one of a kind and cannot be duplicated as each piece of petrified wood has unique characteristics. These models offer luxury and authenticity, adding exceptional beauty and uniqueness to any bathroom.