Декоративните елементи от серията WoodArt са изработени от лек и твърд материал, позволяващ перфектна имитация на естествено дърво за постигане на уникална визия в интериора и екстериора.

Architecture has always been a part of contemporary culture, and its masterpieces from time immemorial fascinate and inspire us with the beauty and the majesty of its ornaments, shapes and details. The dignity of the antique buildings, patterns of the Hellenic, the Roman and the Medieval eras makes us treat with the due respect the work and the imagination of the ancient masters. The beauty and the variety of elements from different epochs and styles capture our attention and charm us with the luxuriously decorated facades of the innumerable palaces and architectural museums, public buildings and houses, which have preserved their entrancing impact in time.


Modern architecture, in its striving to create unique works, more and more often resorts to the building in of styles and influences from times past which domineer as distinguishing characteristics of the buildings with human - friendly emanation. The concrete structures and the panel buildings, crushing us with their somber appearance, outlive their “Renaissance” and gradually remain in the past. In our pursuit of a more humane environment in the towns, their place is already irrevocably deleted.

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