Arabic sinks information

Our handmade Arabic sinks are produced in Morocco and Turkey by talented artists with years of craft experience. Each model is distinguished by its specific colors and shapes, characteristic of the region of production. Turkish and Moroccan sinks reflect the geometry and colors typical of Arab and Oriental cultures, making them ideal for adding an exotic and unique accent to any bathroom.

Our portfolio of Arabic sinks has two main model varieties - Iznik sinks of Turkish origin and Moroccan sinks. Each of the directions is characterized by its features and specific appearance, helping to achieve a unique oriental and Arabic effect in the interior.

Iznik sinks

Hand-painted and sculpted, this type of sink is made in Turkey, in the Kutahya region, known for its high-quality ceramics. The accuracy of the models and the craftsmanship reflect the skill of the craftsmen who created these works of art. They come in a variety of colors and sizes and are usually designed for direct countertop mounting. They combine aesthetics and functionality, being an ideal choice for any oriental-style bathroom.

Moroccan sinks

Moroccan sinks are the product of talented artisans from Morocco. The hand-painted decorations reflect original patterns with an Arabic look. The rich design is combined with muted, earthy colors that give each sink a unique and authentic look. Standard siphons fit these sinks perfectly, making them easy to install and maintain.