Acoustic panels for sound insulation and thermal insulation

Along with the effective sound insulation, the series of acoustic panels also helps to insulate the heat and shape the modern appearance of the walls and ceilings. Made from eco-friendly raw materials, the acoustic panels combine functionality, aesthetic durability and reliable heat and sound insulation properties. They are perfect solutions for premises in residential, commercial, public and industrial areas.

Noise insulation, thermal insulation and beautiful design

The KRAFT WoodAcoustic series of acoustic panels are eco-friendly solutions for heat insulation and sound insulation of any premises - from those in the home and office to areas in commercial and public buildings. The panels are made of environmentally friendly materials and are characterized by their high thermal and sound insulation properties. Each acoustic panel is made of 48% fine wood fibers mixed with Portland cement and marble dust. Mineralization of wood under pressure preserves the mechanical properties of the fibers, but at the same time blocks the process of biological wear and improves the heat and sound insulation properties of the material.

KRAFT WoodAcoustic acoustic panels are used in:

  • Shopping centers and shops
  • Bars, restaurants and cafes
  • Cinemas, theaters and public halls
  • Conference rooms and offices
  • Educational institutions
  • Sport facilities
  • Production bases and warehouses

as well as any other premises with high requirements for their thermal insulation and noise insulation

Advantages of Kraft WoodAcoustic acoustic panels

Eco-friendliness and safety for health
The KRAFT WoodAcoustic series of acoustic panels are made of environmentally friendly raw materials. They do not emit carcinogens, formaldehyde, asbestos or volatile compounds.
Fire safety
Acoustic panels are characterized by fire safety class B-s1, d0 - non-flammable
Strength and durability
Acoustic panels have significant strength and resistance to mechanical pressure and impact.
Sound absorption and sound insulation
Acoustic panels absorb sound waves with great efficiency. This saves you the annoying echo and sound reflection from surfaces.
Thermal insulation properties
The KRAFT WoodAcoustic series of acoustic panels are based on wood. Thanks to this, they can successfully retain heat energy in the premises, helping to maintain a healthy climate.
Colors and design options
KRAFT WoodAcoustic acoustic panels can be produced in any color according to the RAL scale, and the convenient handling of every single detail will please even the most demanding professionals.


Working with Kraft WoodAcoustic acoustic panels

Suspended ceilings

Acoustic panels with dimensions of 600×600 mm and 1200×600 mm can be used instead of standard suspended ceiling panels with T-shaped profiles. In this case, the acoustic panels are placed evenly along the entire length of the frame in order to maximize the thermal and sound insulation effect.

Wall panels

For maximum noise insulation of the room, KRAFT WoodAcoustic acoustic panels are also installed on the walls of the room. Installation is easy and hassle-free by attaching to wooden rails or a metal profile.

Sound absorbing partitions

The installation of sound-absorbing and sound-insulating partitions in an open-plan office can significantly reduce the noise level and create a comfortable working atmosphere.

Acoustic barriers

The panels can also be used to create acoustic barriers in rooms where it is not possible to completely soundproof the ceilings and walls.

Other design solutions

The material from which KRAFT WoodAcoustic acoustic panels are made is easy to process and hand paint. Therefore, with the help of our sound insulation panels, you can not only create comfort, but also add individuality to any room.

Technical characteristics of Kraft WoodAcoustic acoustic panels

Sound absorption coefficient test results of KRAFT WoodAcoustic acoustic panels:

sound absorption coefficient without filling the air space between the acoustic panels

sound absorption coefficient when filling the air space between the panels with Isover Premium 50 mm wadding

Standard EN 13168 - EN 13964
Dimensions, mm 600x600, 1200x600
Thickness, mm 11 / 15 / 25
Weight, kg/m2 5,8 / 7,8 / 12,0
Declared thermal conductivity λD, W/m2K 0,075
Light reflection, (%) 50,7 – 74,0 Feet
fire safety Euroclass B-s1, d0
Chloride content (%) ≤ 0.06
Release of formaldehyde class E1
Release of asbestos does not contain

Completion types

KR0 (for thicknesses of 11, 15 or 25 mm)

KR1 (for thicknesses of 11, 15 or 25 mm)

KR2 (for thicknesses of 15 mm)