The solutions in the Duralmond 3D panel series are made using a special molding technique that allows the achievement of all kinds of creative shapes and reliefs. The panels unfold a universe of creativity and color in a sphere that is traditionally limited to the simplicity of flat and cold surfaces. The solutions in the 3D panel series are specially developed for application on facades, commercial premises and public spaces, as well as in all types of interiors, of particular interest to interior designers, architects and designers.


The solutions in the Duralmond 3D panel series are made of a composite material created by combining synthetic and vegetable resins with crushed almond shells. Thus, taking a plant waste product, extremely beautiful, detailed, biodegradable and recyclable materials for design with high environmental value are formed. The final product is characterized by a particularly light structure and weight. The material is also perfectly flowable and especially easy to handle. Thanks to this, it manages to easily accept and recreate the shape and texture of the mold in which it is poured with perfect accuracy.

3D panels have a number of properties. They serve perfectly as a heat and sound insulation element. In addition, they are characterized by sound-absorbing properties (anti-reverberation properties - unlike echo, reverberation is a long-term reflection of sound waves in an enclosed space or naturally confined space).

Decorative elements are suitable for interior and exterior applications. The solutions are an ideal choice for application both at home and in heavily loaded commercial areas, office spaces, hotel complexes, public buildings and more. The resistance of the material to UV rays, moisture and aggressive weathering, in turn, makes the models in the series ideal solutions for decorating facades.

The solutions in the 3D panel series are a modern, different and easy way to transfer color and design, breaking the traditional look of the surfaces. They can be produced in any shade of color charts: RAL, NCS and PANTONE in matt or glossy. Characteristic of the solutions in the series are their beautiful and non-traditional geometric shapes, helping to achieve the effect of depth. Thus, the walls in the rooms, as well as the facades of the buildings can be transformed beyond recognition. 3D panels are the preferred solution for recreating reliefs and shapes known from traditional, minimalist and avant-garde decoration to create elegant, innovative and special spaces.

The installation of the details is quick, easy and hassle-free. Once installed, they do not require additional maintenance other than periodic dusting and layering.



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