StyroDesign's decorative cladding and 2D panels division includes a variety of solutions capable of totally transforming the interior of the home, office, hotel parts, shopping malls and more. Made of ultra-light, but at the same time strong and durable material, 2D panels allow application in busy areas, while maintaining its unique vision for a long time. They are easy to install - only with the help of dowels.


The solutions in the series of decorative cladding and 2D panels are made of MDF material and are suitable for interior use. Decorative cladding and 2D panels made of MDF material have a structure of medium-density fiberboard. MDF material, as a sheet material produced by the method of dry pressing of wood particles at high temperature and pressure, allows the production of strong and dense boards.

The details are an ideal choice for application both in the home and in heavily loaded commercial areas, office spaces, hotel complexes, public buildings and more. The solutions in the series of decorative facings and 2D panels are a modern, different and easy way to transfer color and design, breaking the traditional look of the surfaces. They can be made in matt or gloss. Characteristic of the solutions in the series are their beautiful and non-traditional geometric shapes, helping to achieve the effect of depth. Thus, the walls in the premises can be transformed beyond recognition. Decorative cladding and 2D panels are the preferred solution for recreating reliefs and shapes known from traditional, minimalist and avant-garde decoration to create elegant, innovative and special spaces.

The installation of the details is quick, easy and hassle-free. Once installed, they do not require additional maintenance other than periodic dusting and layering.


Get acquainted with the technical and operational characteristics of the material from which the decorative cladding and 2D panels are made and find out how they can transform your home.

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Immerse yourself in the range of ready-made solutions decorative cladding and 2D panels and choose the decorative elements that best fit the goals of your project.

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Immerse yourself in examples of the effect of the application of decorative cladding and 2D panels and find inspiration for the transformation of the home.

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